About Metafiltr

Parody. Homage. Obsession. Piss-take. Good words, all of 'em.

What is Metafiltr? It's a little too much time on my hands, over several years, culminating in a bad joke that I was shocked more people hadn't made1 and which it cost me $12 to make the best way I knew how.

I'm hoping to make the site into a sort of portal into the riffy, self-reflecting underbelly of Metafilter proper, and a sort of alternate destination and hub in the greater mefisphere.

Or maybe it'll just be a lot of stupid flash applications. Time will tell.

Suggestions, contributions, and all other manner of feedback welcome:

mefr (&) joshmillard (%) com

1 There had been exactly three mentions of the abstract notion of "Metafiltr" when this whole thing occurred to me. I had expected more. This may just be proof that I think the joke is funnier or more obvious than it is.

The priors:

"This isn't Metafiltr, we don't need to worry about not appearing Web 2.0 enough."

"And besides, the place isn't called MetaFiltr. That "e" is holding us back."

"MetaFiltr: a nw wb 2.0 thing with a nam missing an e."

So there's that.