MetaFilter: We're Not Welcome Here"
MetaFilter: Please close the HREF behind you.
MetaFilter: A link and 25 snarky comments.
Metafilter: Everyone has a right to your opinion.
Metafilter: We're one big happy dysfunctional family.
Metafilter: Where bark is worse than bite.
Metafilter: Language is a virus.
Metafilter: Swewy, Ain't it?
Metafilter: Soundbytes and Catchphrases and Bears! Oh my!
Metafilter: word
MetaFilter: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore.
MetaFilter: "Shouldn't This Be In MetaTalk?"
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end and links posted so the poster can pontificate. I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless. Most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end (informational links) and links posted so the poster can pontificate (editorial links). I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless. Most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end (informational links) and links posted so the poster can pontificate (editorial links). I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless; most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end (informational links) and links posted so the poster can pontificate (editorial links). I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless; most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end (informational links) and links posted so the poster can pontificate (editorial links). I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless; most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: new posts are bound to be old stuff.
MetaFilter: Elephant enough for everyone."
Metafilter: Where Trolls are killed and eaten.
MetaFilter: Where posters go to go postal.
Metafilter: Why are we here at all?"
MetaFilter: Abandon all work, ye who enter here
MetaFilter: More tags than Sears!
Metafilter: "a large earthquake strikes the downtown area of Seattle. I sat at my office, in the building of Real Networks. We have just lived ten minutes of intense jolts. There is now an enormous crack on the wall. What I see, nothing fell, but it ya of the masses of people in the streets." It is a Net surfer who relayed information, like tous.les.jours on Metafilter, one of most significant "the Web American logs."
Metafilter: The Collective Detective.
Metafilter: We're in it for the money.
metafilter: 1% information, 99% perspiration.
Metafilter: This won't hurt a bit
MetaFilter: Help me get a friggin' job better.
Metafilter: that's another argument entirely.
MetaFilter: Enough jibba-jabba, I need work!
Metafilter: "Can I Live A Day Without Metafilter?"
MetaFilter: Pony up, you bastards!
Metafilter: What are you contributing except for masturbation?
Metafilter: it could be a perfect world, but it is an ugly place"
MetaFilter: a massive, multi-state killing spree.
Metafilter: self-policing since 1999.
Metafilter: self-policing since 1999.
MetaFilter: use it to impress your friends
Metafilter: gain a small (very small) reputation for cool
Metafilter: our excessive generosity with anonymity and multiple personalities. Members should all identify themselves. If they wanted to remain anonymous, for some reason, they should be made to use "anonymous" as their signature, so that we all knew how to take a comment or post.
Metafilter: Little, #006699, different.
Metafilter: Self-policing my sugar-coated ass since 1999
MetaFilter: Stripped down minimalism for the masses
metafilter: this here is genius
MetaFilter: Thinking Inside The Box, 24/7.
MetaFilter: Making sure Matt Haughey spends all of his free time coding for the rest of his days.
MetaFilter: Making sure Matt Haughey spends all of his free time coding for the rest of his days.
MetaFilter: We pay his rent, he works for US.
Metafilter: open an exception, please! We're all curious about what she has to say; Voyageman has stuck his neck out; we've all weighed in... and it's just not fair!
Metafilter: open an exception
MetaFilter: Self-Appointed Self-Important Self Policing 99% of the time.
MetaFilter: You Suck, I Rule
MetaFilter: sniff my ethernet
MetaFilter: It eclipses the rabbit, easy.
Metafilter: community weblog
Metafilter: community weblog" logo
Metafilter: Where you can eat pancakes, watch bunnies, watch bunnies with pancakes, eat ice cream, ZippityBop!, make Baby Jesus cry..."
Metafilter: community weblog" logo
MetaFilter: 60% Barroom Brawl, 40% Group Hug.
MetaFilter: The page you linked to simply doesn't support that, old fruit.
Metafilter: community weblog
MetaFilter: 60% Barroom Brawl, 40% Group Hug.
Metafilter: It makes me smarter, and more angry about THINGS."
MetaFilter: We blame the lack of ponies.
MetaFilter: Frees you from any expectation of tangible success.
MetaFilter: Nice Threads"
Metafilter: Not in the pedestrian manner of being weird
MetaFilter: There's Still Some Of Us Who Love It Just The Way It Is.
Metafilter: they just can't kill the beast
MetaFilter: Warning - Spoilers!
Metafilter: No different to any other news source
Metafilter: You can't expect it to be any different.
Metafilter: Like a sports bar, but without the big screen.
Metafilter: Where all traditions are wrong! Especially when they annoy ME PERSONALLY! Waaah!If you don't like it, palegirl, don't participate. Change the channel. Jesus.
Metafilter: What Are We Doing Here. Well, what are we? A good many of us spend a significant amount of time reading, posting, arguing here on Mefi. WHY? What are we doing? One could say that it's for the links - fine. But there are, we must admit, far larger, more comprehensive link lists available if that were the sole draw. We could say that we are keeping our debating minds sharp, but that's not all of it, either. The beauty - and the bedevilment - of Mefi is that there is simple, stated purpose for our activity here. Beauty because it frees us up to be creative, to act impulsively, to not be constrained... but bedevilment in that there is no direction, to compass, to help us determine if we are doing the right thing, by Matt, by each other, by the ethos we perceive Mefi must certainly have but, maddeningly, does not make explicit. So in the meantime, we argue the points knowing that we will never change the minds of those we argue against, we rail against our trolls while indulging them (even coddling them, sometimes), and we come the Meta and debate our entry into the final, final no-really-this-time-for-sure ultimate death of metafilter... until tomorrow, when we do it all over again.
Metafilter: Trolling for Fellatio
MetaFilter: From Palestine to Goodbye Mr. Chips, all without leaving your chair.
MetaFilter: When You Can't Be Arsed To Go Look.
MetaFilter: Three Doormats and a Circle Jerk.
MetaFilter: people who mistake lack of discipline for iconoclasm
Metafilter: Where everybody faints over Matt."
Metafilter: Matt's ass is usually pretty moist.
Metafilter: brought to you by Beano and Gatorade. Sponsors could pay prolific posters to include a gratuitous product placement spot in their comments.
Metafilter: Graphic Anal Talk" would be a good tag line.
metafilter: yeah, we got anal foam"
Metafilter: We're all deranged
Metafilter: We're all deranged
Metafilter: Where we who disagree, should all fornicate.
MetaFilter: Where You're Not Allowed to Hurt My Feelings.
MetaFilter: Pillow fight in the ladies room.
Metafilter: We rite gud!
MetaFilter: It's all about the tail-less dogs
MetaFilter: I love my dead gay threads
MetaFilter: Same as it ever was.
MetaFilter: Poke It With a Stick and It'll Bite. Eventually.
Metafilter: your freedom of expression ends when your packet touches Matt's server.
MetaFilter: The Blue Screen of Love.
MetaFilter: Thousands and thousands web scouts' eyes watching your every move!
Metafilter: it is an issue affecting the Internet and current issues, and it should be discussed. I find no reason for the link to the video, though, and do not agree with your analogy. It does not fit; if it does, please explain how. We can seriously discuss the issue, but the "serious, if uncomfortable and challenging, thinking" can be had without a link to the video.
Metafilter: boldly going where not even Rotten will?
Metafilter: boldly going where not even Rotten will?
Metafilter: bad tempered post followed by an apology and lack of caffeine offered as an excuse.posted by niceness at 2:37 AM PST on May 24
MetaFilter: How to add the alt attribute to make those images work even harder for you!
metafilter: why do people here feel like they need to find reasons to dislike people?
MetaFilter: Feel The Difference
MetaFilter: hissy fits and freakouts and pointless pissing matches.
MetaFilter: Where ad hominem comes to life!
MetaFilter: Where ad hominem comes to life!
Metafilter: Where you can even learn about your butthole.
Metafilter: There Is No Middle Ground
Metafilter: More than a good-humored chuckle or an annoyed expletive.
MetaFilter: We've upped our standards, now up yours.
MetaFilter: We've upped our standards, now up yours.
Metafilter: Jesus, Don't Ever Fucking Possibly Maybe Offend Anyone (Even If Said Offense Is On A Subconscious Level That Only The Offendee Can Understand. Maybe.) ...
metafilter: passive-aggressive vomitmasters its ok to like
Metafilter: I know something offends me, I just need to find it...
Metafilter: I know something offends me, I just need to find it...
MetaFilter: "Its brilliance is its simplicity: a community weblog where members post links and discuss those links. The result is a diverse yet surprisingly inclusive community where the focus is on discourse and debate. Despite some cliqueishness (e.g. "pancakes" = "this thread sucks") and the occasional tendency toward sheer polarization (understandably, on topics like the Mideast), the typical Metafilter thread is reasoned, textured and passionate".
MetaFilter: As Usenet as We Wanna Be"... So, you said something stupid in a previous thread, now you're gonna drag yourself (and everybody else) through it again in some lame attempt to save face, convince others, or both?" Considering that "JollyWanker" called him stupid and lame, I don't think saying "wank on, wanker" was particularly trollish.
Metafilter: Post whatever you like, but Jesus Christ don't disagree with our dogma.
Metafilter: I love you.
MetaFilter: Always Should Have Been For The Truly Interesting
MetaFilter: Always Should Have Been For The Truly Interesting
MetaFilter: Motherfucking DUH.
MetaFilter: Respect The Link
MetaFilter: Respect The Link
MetaFilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
Metafilter: 'let the people in'....and we dare talk of immigration in the U.S. More people, the better. nothing could have been worse then before the new members. If Matt has problems with these issues, HE will have to work it out. I would imagine if metafilter cut into his other work too much, mefi would either cease or whatever. To me, it is evident that mefi benefits (which is good). but he is also the bearer of the down side of those benefits.
Metafilter: Say hello to your newest overlord.
MetaFilter: the innocence there is amusing in a way, it's not what I'd call funny.
Metafilter: this cycle goes nowhere. Hee hee.
Metafilter:Being Pissed Off is No Excuse
Metafilter: Nearly 16,000 users separated by a common language.
MetaFilter: More red herrings in here than in a Communist smokehouse.
MetaFilter: to find new stuff. Something 30 days old is not new. Something 2 or 3 years old is definitely not new.
MetaFilter: The whole thing has a dysfunctional family vibe that makes me feel queasy.
MetaFilter: The whole thing has a dysfunctional family vibe that makes me feel queasy.
Metafilter:That's the Way It Is.
MetaFilter: xxx, New tagline: xxx MeFi: xxx etc. Needs repeated searches to find the different versions. Getting there, though.
metafilter: gently and slowly fuck the fuck off.
Metafilter: Wear a mask, shoot off at the mouth.
Metafilter: Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.
MetaFilter: huuuuuuuuuugs!
Metafilter: I hate all of you.
MetaFilter: Yeah, it kind of sucks, but it's not sucky enough to ax.
MetaFilter: A cockfest for nerds.
MetaFilter: " prefix, but otherwise, it's perfection...
MetaFilter:" and then searching the results, so not an exact science. Happy to add any - just e-mail the link to me.
Metafilter: Get Back to Work!
Metafilter: Check out the big brain on you guys. (Sorry, i always wanted to do that). Anyway, chuck my non-counting vote on the 'I heart Mefi sans extra fi' t-shirt pile.
Metafilter: Still crazy after all these years
MetaFilter: LazerTag With Words
MetaFilter: Live by the Pen, Die by the Pen.
Metafilter: It's all fun till someone gets an ego poked out.
Metafilter: It's a fucking website."
Metafilter: It's about nothing.
MetaFilter: are = aren't
Metafilter: Farting in a freaking windstorm of dumbitude and breast-beating
MetaFilter: You won your little shout-down. Don't gloat.
Metafilter: makes me really happy
MetaFilter: Devilish technology of oppression.
MetaFilter: Encouraging You To Go Elsewhere.
Metafilter: Don't stick around long enough to be called a fuckwit."?
Metafilter: I hope dg is adding these to his list...
MetaFilter:Because we're nerds and we like to show off!
metafilter: the buffer of wackyness) just to celebrate the weekend..
MetaFilter: now I have to give that up and do something real
MetaFilter: It's very contentious among those who care about such things.
Metafilter: All the ponies you can eat
Metafilter: Facist censors, facials, and shots of huge genitalia
Metafilter: the realm of insults and claptrap.
Metafilter: "Just the place for a Snark!"
MetaFilter: Hitler's Moustache!
MetaFilter: You're right! No, you're wrong!
MetaFilter: You're right? No, you're wrong?
MetaFilter: no profundity intended
Metafilter: Is this just political grandstanding?
Metafilter: Bored with McSweeneys?
Metafilter: Should we be worried about this?
Metafilter: Do you read such things?
Metafilter: Overwrought or spot on?
Metafilter: Whose pecs will reign supreme?
metafilter: nobody has any fun, but we've got fucking guidelines by god.
metafilter: nobody has any fun, but we've got fucking guidelines by god.
MetaFilter: I'm Quitting! No I'm Quitting!
Metafilter: We have strong brow muscles.
Metafilter: What, you thought we fucking cared?
Metafilter: Expound on to us whatever crazy opinions you want, just don't talk about yourself because we get a little creeped out when we have to put faces and feelings to the previously autonomous masses of digital output we originally saw you as.
Metafilter: "It looks like we've solved yet another mystery with our collective investigating and remote reporting! Good work reading everybody."
MetaFilter: Great at breaking news.
MetaFilter: if they are going to have all these rules, then I think they should be written down.
Metafilter: we're just like Eminem!
Metafilter: The horse isn't quite dead yet.
Metafilter: I'm not part of the problem, I'm part of the solution. Except for this post. This post is part of the problem
Metafilter: Sod this, I'm going home to get stoned.
Metafilter: Bothering things that ignore you.
MetaFilter: Not even reading what some people are ignoring.
Metafilter: Just lie down until it goes away.
MetaFilter: de-vibrating brooms everywhere.
MetaFilter: de-vibrating brooms everywhere.
MetaFilter: Watching the Watchers
Metafilter: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Metafilter: I wholeheartedly object to the next comment.
MetaFilter: I trust Matt, the rest of you are suspect.
MetaFilter: When news breaks... we fix it!"
Metafilter: where the rules are changed more than a baby's diaper
Metafilter: more "gee whiz," less "fuck off"
MetaFilter: Not the place to advance your political viewpoint.
MetaFilter: We do hot-button issues poorly.
Metafilter: Who you calling fuckwit, you fuckwit?
Metafilter: -------------------------------.
Metafilter: Instantly split into pro- and anti-lego building blocks.
MetaFilter: gee-wiz i sould learn how use that spell-checker!
Metafilter: That's it! MetaTalk!
Metafilter: A bunch of oversensitive pussies.
Metafilter: No beautiful virgins.
Metafilter: Assume it be readable.
Metafilter: Hot dog said need a town.
Metafilter: No beautiful virgins.
Metafilter: Wash a window, wash two. There is a fish here.
MetaFilter: bugs, new features, etiquette and policy issues, server performance and anything else about MetaFilter we can think of.
Metafilter: reated to some kind of topic
Metafilter: This is basically what we do all day long.
Metafilter: It's Miller Time at the hatchery.
Metafilter: Snarking like a Butcher and Butchering the Snark
Metafilter: it was just destined to end up in MetaTalk with someone's feelings hurt, and of course with some ignorant "keep it in your pants, fags" comment. I had lots (and lots!) of things to add to the thread, but there was no way I'd do that in this forum.
Metafilter: What is everyone bitching about?
Metafilter: I don't have my own blog. Can I still be a fuckwit?
metafilter:more addictive than having three women in your house.
Metafilter: Not safe for work]
MetaFilter: Where even Dante would fear to tread..."
MetaFilter: I'm just a drunk asshole.
Metafilter: There is no other choice.
MetaFilter: "Ya' Know What I Hate...."
Metafilter: Hey, check out what I uncovered on the front page of
MetaFilter: Throw if off a bridge. Or use a bomb.
metafilter: I've got a discussion site
metafilter: all the best no matter what.
metafilter: so long and thanks for all the pancakes/ponies
Metafilter: Hedonistic, Self-centered, and Immature.
Metafilter: Came for the beer, stayed for the pretzels.
Metafilter: I don't know everything about technology, art, literature, freaky shit, the sciences, etc. As a matter of fact, I'd rather see posts like this and enjoy the ensuing comments than any post on religion, politics, I/P and so on.
Metafilter: I welcome our Pony overlords with Pancakes in a thread, you're really not going to be that funny by posting it again.
MetaFilter: Fajsdjalj firpemrn, photr gfjeneuy te.
Metafilter: You just screwed up a historic thread.
Metafilter: You just screwed up a historic thread.
MetaFilter: Well thanks for wasting my time and Matt's bandwidth.
Metafilter: We Aren't Very Good At It
MetaFilter: What Moronic Title Will We Bestowe Upon It Today
MetaFilter: We're Not As Funny As We Think We Are
MetaFilter: What Moronic Title Will We Bestowe Upon It Today
metafilter: a linear, brute-force method.
MetaFilter: We're Not As Funny As We Think We Are
metafilter: come ahead ya fuckin radge!
Metafilter: Buttfuckingly Funny
Metafilter: All Human Life Is Here
Metafilter: from labial mice to big cojones
Metafilter: crossing the line into irretrievable geekishness.
MetaFilter: Lancing the Pustulent Boils on the Rump of Society
Metafilter: The King of the Shitpile
MetaFilter: Blinding Schlongs.
MetaFilter: look at your own genitals, fuckwits!
MetaFilter: We're
metafilter: god forbid anybody should have some fun.
Metafilter: It Doesn't Sweat the Details So Much.
Metafilter: It Doesn't Sweat
Metafilter: It Doesn't Sweat the Details So Much"
Metafilter: Home of 8-year-old little boys.
Metafilter: The Boobs Have Won Again.
Metafilter: Nearly 99% dipshit-free!
Metafilter: Some of your comments are more juvenile than your other comments
Metafilter: Billions and Billions served.
Metafilter: A little mass crank-yanking
Metafilter: YOU MUST SPANK ME NOW!!!!!
MetaFilter: Weblog as conversation" sound familiar?
Metafilter: We are feverent in our indignance.
Metafilter: On second thought, this is dumb
Metafilter: kind of getting old
MetaFilter: Don't gulp, small sips work well.
Metafilter: Yo, lazaruslong's mama is SO FAT, that she uses a matress as a maxi pad!
metafilter: swimming upstream against the chortling chuckleheads.
metafilter: not sure exactly which hole you're abusing.
Metafilter: Links to interesting things all over the Web--except on sites we don't like.
Metafilter: Links to interesting things all over the Web--except on sites we don't like.
Metafilter: crack whores past the first flush of youth.
MetaFilter: right-click on the date stamp in the "posted by" line. Your comment above, for example, is
Metafilter: A! B!
MetaFilter: rather than "finding something interesting on the web" and posting, some posts are a result of seeing something on teevee and then googling up some lame web site to fulfill the
MetaFilter: Local memes only.
MetaFilter: When I said ph34r m3, I meant it.
Metafilter: Obi-Wan taught us well.
Metafilter: we'll work all the kinks out.
MetaFilter:...', as if the repetition of a comment in this format is inevitably and invariably hilarious.
Metafilter: 1n m47h0wi3 w3 7ru57
MetaFilter: Inevitably and invariably Hilarious
MetaFilter: is it a feature?
Metafilter: Is it a tagline?
MetaFilter: predictable as hell.
MetaFilter: The old jokes are the oldest
MetaFilter: blasts a pack of peckers
MetaFilter: To be or not to be?
metafilter: sam walton would be proud of us.
Metafilter: Zero Tolerance Poo.
Metafilter: Namecalling and ad hominy grits.
MetaFilter: mn!
Metafilter: Crushing out vitality and exuberance since 1999
MetaFilter: a steady diet of boxed wine and peanut brittle that's long past its expiration date
Metafilter: read the monkeys prattling on
MetaFilter: Licking Fuck-o Since 1999
Metafilter: is a closed community and allows new members only rarely. members must pass through a bizzare, bloodthirsty hazing ritual.... All the members know each other and they generally share the same political and cultural mentality....It is rumored that they are all clones, with slight mutations and genetic variations on the DNA of the founder...some have webbed feet and toes...they all reside together in a giant apartment complex in Albania engaging in group sex and bizzare occult practices with the legendary pornography star Cicciolina"....
Metafilter: a sea of vitriol and juvenilia
metafilter: once, by ashbury, as he pleads to others and makes his remark about the nails in the coffin of metafilter; and once by matt, when he said that some posters are killing Metafilter.
MetaFilter: A Unicycle...On A Tightrope!!
MetaFilter: fluff-prone.
Metafilter: Paranoid & Over-Critical.
MetaFilter: All The Others Are Ass
MetaFilter: It gets enough masturbatory self-adoration at home.
MetaFilter: You can never have enough masturbatory self-adoration.
Metafilter: Fast. Furious.
MetaFilter: Less Filling. Tastes Great.
MetaFilter: a string of one-liners and snippy bitchouts masquerading as an actual discussion.
Metafilter: everyone seem cordial
MetaFilter: Clench all sphincter ye who enter here...
MetaFilter: Clench all sphincter ye who enter here...
Metafilter: everyone seem cordial
Metafilter: Where it's always PST"
METAFILTER: Like scabies, if scabies had an odor and made high pitched sounds
Metafilter: Cheap 'n' Easy Taglines (tm)
MetaFilter: Ever Inciteful
Metafilter: We Groom The Monkeys.
Metafilter: A Social Lubricant.
MetaFilter: We got the memo sometime back.
Metafilter: Bullfrogs. Whippoorwills. The occasional hoot of an owl.
Metafilter: repeating formulaic catchphrases.
Metafilter: We're primates, deal with it.
Metafilter: i think we've all learned something here today.
Metafilter: Pomposity does not become you.
Metafilter: We missed the memo.
Metafilter: a call to arms to make references to pancakes.
Metafilter: thanks for trying!
Metafilter: a tad unwieldy
Metafilter: Metatalk
MetaFilter: Den of CD Swapin' Thieves
MetaFilter: \\
MetaFilter: Plus C'est La Même Chose
Metafilter: it doesn't meet your standards.
Metafilter: Can't we do better?
Metafilter: for all your rabid wombat situations.
Metafilter: car tires being changed openly.
Metafilter: People didn't get the irony.
Metafilter: Prolix as it ever was.
Metafilter: Your Vibrating Pancake Bunny Overlord.
Metafilter: Spellcheck suggests detailer
Metafilter: Remixed. (Which is actually working again, now, by the way.) You should check it out, stbalbach.
Metafilter: a site that gathers items of interest from Web pages around the world
MetaFilter: The all-knowing, all-seeing automatic link harvester that allows you to labor under the delusion that you have some semblance of control over your posting habits.
MetaFilter: Spinning Around with Our Dicks Out, Spraying Urine All Over the Place
MetaFilter: You can unclench now.
MetaFilter: One forgotten smiley, and you're hitler.
Metafilter: This spread is a good thing
MetaFilter: Half Resentment, Half Ego-Massaging. :-)
Metafilter: Ignoring the Crap Isn't Easy
Metafilter: Commenters need to try harder.
Metafilter: such a collection of clickishness
MetaFilter: Typically Snarky
Metafilter: everyone bask in the love.
Metafilter: The inevitable tagline.
MetaFilter: it ain't MemePool, cockKnocker.
Metafilter: for all the world to see and dissect and snark on
MetaFilter: the lies are nested
Metafilter: Soon you will be as jaded and snarky as the rest of us.
Metafilter: We talk about talking about things we talk about.
MetaFilter: Irrational, thoughtless sequences of stereotypes, followed my a whole lot of nothing to back it up.
MetaFilter: watching idiots have their ass handed to them when they come over here calling for justice over something they deserved in the first place.
Metafilter: Stick to gay stuff in the future.
Metafilter: reduced to grunting and pointing.
Metafilter: Pass that pipe along, there are plenty more addicts over this side of the room.
MetaFilter: Too much of everything, not enough of nothing.
MetaFilter: Too much of everything, not enough of nothing.
MetaFilter: matt's just... jesus
Metafilter: *walks in, scratches head, shrugs, crawls up Miguel's butt*
MetaFilter: At least it's not Fark, or was that a figment of my imagination?
MetaFilter: Just Such a Den of arrogant Snots
Metafilter: highly unsatisfactory sex lives
Metafilter: Not like say, Slashdot, where they've never seen boobies.
MetaFilter: I don't exactly think what I just said.
MetaFilter: What it sounds like when doves cry
MetaFilter: What it sounds like when doves cry
Metafilter: 65% buttocks and 15% boobies
MetaFilter: Too Hot for TV, featuring the wild MeFi meetup shenanigans caught on tape, totally uncensored. You'll get mathowie's drunken rant on "those damn filthy midgets", you'll see Steven Den Beste's last post in all its gory detail, and that one thread where everyone vowed to someday meet in the Nevada desert, naked and covered in honey. All this and more if you order now*
Metafilter: It's Evelyn Wood.
Metafilter: The Coffee Table Book.
Metafilter: your personal colostomy bag
Metafilter: Sponsoring the furtherance of your perversions since 1999.
Metafilter: your personal colostomy bag
Metafilter: community colostomy bag.
Metafilter: Global thumbnail psychoanalysis
MetaFilter: Just freaking post something good and be done with it.
Metafilter: Taken Way Too Seriously Since July 1999...
MetaFilter: an elaborately disguised and over engineered . . .
Metafilter: mucus-scalding espresso.
metafilter: You, as the tagline says, are wrong.
Metafilter: Loud, civil conversation without the whole "civil" part in the middle.
Metafilter: You want whining about anything in particular, we'll give you whining.
Metafilter: a bandwidth-sucking ugly pool of bitterness and anger.
MetaFilter: Home of America's whitest civil rights icon...
MetaFilter: MiguelCardoso and a few other people.
MetaFilter: Tudo bem.
MetaFilter: The Accidental Empire
MetaFilter: Where everybody knows your nickname.
MetaFilter: All The Aural Pain
metafilter: anyone wanna make out?
Metafilter: like life itself)
Metafilter: I came for the links and stayed for the pancakes.
Metafilter: dhartung's always right!
Metafilter: People of all ages who don't know what the hell they're talking about.
MetaFilter: Looking like shite since Mosaic 1.0
Metafilter: Trying to determine if MiguelCardoso is a brand name or a flavor.
MetaFilter: Miguel's vast flowering umbrella of forgiveness
MetaFilter: Respect the Link.
MetaFilter: Here's a whip. Here's a dead horse. Enjoy.
MetaFilter: Here's a whip. Here's a dead horse. Enjoy.
MetaFilter: Keep your head down and don't make eye contact, you'll be fine...
MetaFilter: It was good enough for Jesus.
metafilter: this thread will suck
MetaFilter: gloo.. Ow! Who threw that?
MetaFilter: We're a Community Because You Can't Get In.
Metafilter: I'm getting a page error when I try to click your attempt to insult me.
MetaFilter: We're a Community Because You Can't Get In.
Metafilter: Bush, tits, and cock!
Metafilter: We Won't Notice Advertising If It's Cool.
metafilter: it's more dangerous than we all thought.
metafilter: _____", or "this _____, it vibrates?" or "I for one welcome our _______ overlords" when they have no ability, either temporarily or chronically, to contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion.
Metafilter: go out and get laid, you simple fucks. Brilliant, jonmc.
MetaFilter: a giant high-school locker room.
Metafilter: Redefining "pyrrhic" every goddamned day.
Metafilter: I normally find you hilarious, but you're being a bit of a dick at this point.
Metafilter: Poo. Discuss.
Metafilter: You want a piece of me?
Metafilter: Could do with more swearwords.
Metafilter: serious unpleasantness.
Metafilter: Just try applying us to something positive.
MetaFilter: It's Like Being Home For Christmas--No, I mean really...
MetaFilter: Where God is White and 30ish
Metafilter: You call it a problem. I call it egalitarian entertainment.
Metafilter: The blobs are unranked, and no blob has an advantage.
Metafilter: Bleah. Leave it alone.
MetaFilter: Sorry clav, I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about.
Metafilter: Can I Executive Produce someone's key-gripped crotch?
Metafilter: Ooh, fight!
MetaFilter: ameliorating your grief and sobbing into your hanky
Metafilter: A weblog, in the original sense: a log of the web. Not in the newer sense of a log which happens to be on the web.
MetaFilter: A brilliant idea with some kinks.
MetaFilter: More work for Matt.
MetaFilter: Four Years of Spaghetti Code... With 17,151 Meatballs.
MetaFilter: Why ya'll have to be asses about it?
Metafilter: We're all basically a bunch of moderates (minus a few) who are trying hard to pretend our belief-systems are radically different, and thus exaggerate those differences in conversation to create for ourselves a more righteous, secure identity.
Metafilter: Like a cloned sheep.
Metafilter: I, for one, welcome our pike overlord pancakes. It vibrates? ???? profit!"
Metafilter: fuck you, unclefucking fuckwits.
MetaFilter: running on fumesWow, and a direct Matt quote at that! ;-P
MetaFilter: making a red herring out of a dead fish.
MetaFilter: critical tumescence
Metafilter: It's not a bug. It's working as designed.
MetaFilter: What's the appeal?
MetaFilter: The Eternal Struggle
Metafilter: nothing bad will ever happen again.
MetaFilter: Rectum-Faced Buckets of Sex-Sauce
MetaFilter: I'll leave forever if you pay me enough money.
Metafilter: really obnoxious and extremely petty.
MetaFilter: Some of Us Prefer Pansy Pinko, Thank You™
MetaFilter: Sometimes the bastard is right
MetaFilter: officially deprecated.
metafilter: conform, or be ridiculed.
metafilter: 17,000+ nipple-tweaking monitor spewers and one portuguese guy in a smoking jacket.
Metafilter: Let the World In!
MetaFilter: How George Michael felt when someone walked in...
MetaFilter: I thought there was more going on here than met the eye.
Metafilter: Meeting all your browbeating needs since 1999.
MetaFilter: very easy, but kind of unethical.
MetaFilter: Let the theses flinging begin!
Metafilter: I Can No Longer Look at Metafilter
Metafilter: the electronic charnelhouse
Metafilter: just felt compelled to say something.
Metafilter: It's dusty and it makes me cough.
MetaFilter: You're both wrong.
Metafilter: Man, I must not read my own site enough.
Metafilter: filled with iron things and simile smiles and at the end most say
Metafilter: You can't please some of the people some of the time.
Metafilter: eclectic nonsensical gibberish.
MetaFilter: The that still exists.
MetaFilter: Matt doesn't fuck with the infrastructure. If Plastic truly has expired, Carl has no one to blame but himself.
MetaFilter: a shortage of prissy little hall monitors
MetaFilter: prissy little hall monitors
MetaFilter: A weeping blister hidden under a lace doily.
MetaFilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
Metafilter: Asking about ourselves through others.
MetaFilter: Don't Drink and Post.
MetaFilter: What shall we chat about today?
MetaFilter: Feeling like a big suckerhead.
MetaFilter: Won't Someone Think of the Dead Horses?
Metafilter: We Beat Dead Kittens
Metafilter: I've looked, and...
MetaFilter: Meta anything that deviates from the norm.
Metafilter: Remixed, he thought it was "a great idea to crib," had already added it to ticketstubs, and was going to copy the code over to MeFi.
Metafilter: people discussing chicken
Metafilter: Circus music quality bitrate ; >
MetaFilter: Proud to be accident free for 8, 6, 0 hours
MetaFilter: What the fuck are you people thinking?
Metafilter: Lest I become like you.
MetaFilter: the only reality show I watch.
Metafilter: It's a circle jerk.
MetaFilter: Hell, who needs to become more right-wing?
Metafilter: we are the best
Metafilter: Anything not prohibited is mandatory.
Metafilter: Be ridiculed by a cohort of trained professionals and gifted amateurs.
Metafilter: full of bastards ; >
Metafilter: a death cult like Christianity....
Metafilter: will help you move a body?
Metafilter: We have no idea what "Pyrrhic" means
Metafilter: Love it or leave it!
Metafilter: Squashing diversity of thought since 1997.
metafilter: shitty than its ever been +more...
metafilter: shitty than its ever been +more...
Metafilter: My version is more important.
MetaFilter: Ignore the Comments
MetaFilter: Some Kind of Ultimate Form of Masturbation
MetaFilter: that's not usually a grave offence. It was not declared, at that time, how much a part of that woman's life that FFF is. He's a virtual father. I applaud him. And I'm not gonna say any more about it.
Metafilter: feats completamente astounding do prazer oral
MetaFilter: Looking Good!
MetaFilter: It's like hanging out with my parents and their friends.
MetaFilter: It's not a hot meal and a blow job
Metafilter: Ten tons of talk on a two-ounce subject.
Metafilter: Ten tons of talk on a two-ounce subject.
MetaFilter: the preview box is full of lies.
MetaFilter: naked men dressed as clowns spanking each other.
MetaFilter: naked men dressed as clowns spanking each other.
metafilter: a naive little throw pillow
MetaFilter: I'll skull fuck your verbs then sell your nouns to the Yangban
Metafilter: one makes double-posts.
MetaFilter: 10947. Can't beat that for sheer lack of interest.
MetaFilter: drooling packs of leftwing zombies!
MetaFilter: Making the Simple, Complicated.
MetaFilter: I only make it here in spurts.
metafilter: just another politically motivated shitfuck
Metafilter: Are you on jonson's list? Maybe he is trying for it.
MetaFilter: underutilized and slightly aged
Metafilter: "Mom, sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling"
Metafilter: I keep my involvement here pretty strictly limited; I almost never get drawn into the controversial-subject posts, because, yes, they really are sausage-waving contests, and when I see them I do think ... "here comes the pain". I come here for the fun and quirky posts, the unearthed gems and the eye candy. If I wanted to discuss current events, I would go somewhere else, because it's pretty much armchair Fight Club around here.
Metafilter: I actually am writing the story right now for Monday's newspaper here in Klamath Falls ... and I would have had no idea a local party was happening without that info. Small quibble about the film (for Keyser, seeing as he's the only one of you who has seen it at one of these parties): What was up with that British expert? It's like the filmmakers just stuck her in there so it had "international" perspective. Good grief, she only gets one soundbyte, hardly enough to make me understand why they traveled across an ocean just to give her some face time.
Metafilter: the Answering Genie. The question answered is a self post in a way so why not it be a reward. Yet, there may be some great unanswered questions out there: JFFT.
Metafilter: I agree that there are many terrible things that can happen that I would indirectly be helping if I was in the military. Maybe I could transfer to the CIA, as the sergeant said was possible. Probably very hard to do.
Metafilter: it doesn't matter! it doesn't matter one damn bit.
MetaFilter: Not even for a little wet behind the ears cunt like you.
MetaFilter: Your sister sucks.
Metafilter: a few overly verbose anal nit-humpers
Metafilter: It probably has to do with adding an entirely sarcastic remark within a community self-referential thread, in a totally ironic post. That's what I love.
MetaFilter: Official home of the MetaBash™
MetaFilter: a god everyone must appease
MetaFilter: More Meta than Thou
Metafilter: Threat or Menace?
Metafilter: More Peta than Thou : >
MetaFilter: More Meta than Thou
Metafilter: More Peta than Thou
Metafilter: It pains me to watch my friends devote so much energy to this stuff.
MetaFilter: as balanced now as it has ever been.
MetaFilter: a god everyone must appease
Metafilter: Threat or Menace?
Metafilter: We can't let the assholes run the place
Metafilter: a few overly verbose anal nit-humpers
Metafilter: it doesn't matter! it doesn't matter one damn bit
MetaFilter: Not even for a little wet behind the ears cunt like you.
MetaFilter: Your sister sucks.
Metafilter: "Mom, sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling"
MetaFilter: underutilized and slightly aged
Metafilter: I keep my involvement here pretty strictly limited
Metafilter: We bully you till you behave the way we think you should.
MetaFilter: It's like having a blackout...but without all the drinking and sex
MetaFilter: drooling packs of leftwing zombies!
MetaFilter: Making the Simple, Complicated.
MetaFilter: I only make it here in spurts.
MetaFilter: the preview box is full of lies.
MetaFilter: naked men dressed as clowns spanking each other.
Metafilter: spraying urine all over the place
Metafilter: neither Meta nor a filter
MetaFilter: Not dead, just inconsiderate. (y6y6y6)
Metafilter: ...
MetaFilter: a non-representative subset of the Web (thankfully).
MetaFilter: I had nothing planned for the holidays anyway...
MetaFilter: I never get tired of doing it (although i'm sure people are tired of seeing them)
metafilter: too democratic for some people?
MetaFilter: I knew about [insert here] waaay before you losers.
Metafilter: lets you forget nuisances such as this debate
Metafilter: your Cheerios are everywhere ???
Metafilter: like Usenet, without the idiots."
MetaFilter: Not Googleable
MetaFilter: Not a Quiz or Poll
MetaFilter: Not a Rhetorical Question
MetaFilter: Not Flame Bait
MetaFilter: Not Lame
Metafilter: Stop pretending as though you REALLY don't understand the point.
MetaFilter: Fuck right off and start your own.
MetaFilter: "Useful" is far too fuzzy a concept.
MetaFilter: Just deal with it and move on.
MetaFilter: Every time the expression MeFi's collective expertise pops up, I chortle a bit.
MetaFilter: Stop pretending as though you REALLY don't understand the point.
MetaFilter: This pony doesn't do what I want it to do.
MetaFilter: Half the fun here is Matt's subjective guidelines. (written by the most openly devoutly religious MeFite... hmmm...)
MetaFilter: As long as you guys don't chase the heretics with big rocks.
MetaFilter: I'll learn 'em a thing or two.
MetaFilter: Mission-Critical.
MetaFilter: Mission-Over-Critical. (my variation)
Metafilter: of course I learned to kill with nothing but licorice back in 'nam.
MetaFilter: Where the least of links generates the greatest amount of whining.
MetaFilter: My sphincter is at full rest.
MetaFilter: My sphincter is at full rest.
Metafilter: It's not blog churn.
MetaFilter: The yogurt of human kindness.
metafilter: sanitized for your protection
MetaFilter: You should get out more
Metafilter: Commentary on the nesting tendencies of lesbians.
MetaFilter: Surgical Nuclear Strikesmyself, but oh well.You know, it's a good thing that it's only AskMeFi that's as useful as we make it. If MeTa were as useful as we made it, posts like this one would be right out.
Metafilter: Não Objeções Possíveis*
Metafilter: Vacuum all your undies?
Metafilter: Embedded metrosexuals in the hizouse!
Metafilter: The sweatshop of shilling?
MetaFilter: At least a few hogsheads.
MetaFilter: Wendell, you're wrong.
MetaFilter: This is not your blog.
MetaFilter: The nice, tasty, hardened toothpaste crud on the end of the tube.
MetaFilter: Pot, thine black kettle awaits.
MetaFilter: Refried ectoplasm
MetaFilter: You're totally missing the point.
MetaFilter: Start saying insertyourownword-Filter
MetaFilter: Has sucked royally for a few years now
MetaFilter: I disagree
MetaFilter: Another minor point...
MetaFilter: Screw you, too.
MetaFilter: CHOO! CHOO!
Metafilter: Our guarantee of quality and freshness.
Metafilter: This is, after all, a community weblog, not a hub for all things beautiful.
Metafilter: A boring, very minor quibble with a view to absolute perfection.
Metafilter: Whoa. Thanks for catching this, I would have never seen it.
Metafilter: Trolls with good PR
MetaFilter: Outraged about Outrage
MetaFilter: Outrageous Outrage
metafilter: a churning clusterfuck of drooling simpletons
Metafilter: A forest of reciprocally fondled penises."
Metafilter: Masturbatory rhetoric since 1999"
MetaFilter: some people like being whipped with barbed wire
MetaFilter: Even if it's a joke, it's not funny and not cool.
MetaFilter: It's quaint.
MetaFilter: Might someone explain the humor to me and my ilk?
MetaFilter: Oh, wait. I'm not supposed to say that, am I?
MetaFilter: Context is everything.
MetaFilter: Context shmontext.
MetaFilter: None of you are Mr. T.
MetaFilter: Hey, what's in this clos--ARGGGHH!
MetaFilter: time for the dd214.
MetaFilter: Some people react rather than read.
MetaFilter: I'm sorry, wendell, but you're wrong.
Metafilter: where is
Metafilter: If there's one thing that's funny, it's beating lame jokes into the ground.
Metafilter: it's funny because I made a tagline.
Metafilter: it's funny because I made a tagline.
Metafilter: pornography surrogate.
MetaFilter: blowing hot air back into the box.
MetaFilter: Embracing our tools since 1999
Metafilter: Leave the shit as is.
Metafilter: not merely self-referential, but exquisitely refined
Metafilter: We love, respect and defend anyone except those hateful, evil and worthless Christians.
MetaFilter: 17,175 members, 10,600 abused.
MetaFilter: let ye who are without bias post the first snark.
MetaFilter: Billions and Billions abused.
MetaFilter: I Don't Mean To Be Flip
Metafilter: I don't want to catch anybody not drinking.
Metafilter: .
metafilter: 0
Metafilter: Even more sodomy and paddling rituals.
Metafilter: For those who dare to wear Big Turbans.
metafilter: yeesh.
MetaFilter: I like passing unfair judgments on people
MetaFilter: "The naked part just sort of happened".
MetaFilter: Your Guidebook to Life
Metafilter: This ***filter thing
MetaFilter: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! *chugs beer*
MetaFilter: Always Orbiting Uranus.
MetaFilter: Have You Seen My Colonoscopy?
Metafilter: grooming school for awkward non-conformists. Gain respect on MeFi? Some of us have greater ambitions.
Metafilter: an equal opportunity, rant-a-rific dogpile
Metafilter: Fuck Firefox or Quonsar. They're both chewable.
MetaFilter: fueled by angst and sarcasm.
Metafilter: Does any of it really belong.
Metafilter: stalking you all for years.
Metafilter: stalking you all for years.
Metafilter: fear me...! *giggles then skips out of the room in her fluffy hello kitty slippers*
Metafilter: Love It Or Leave It.
Metafilter: Love It Or Leave It.
MetaFilter: You're With Us or Asking Us How to be Against Us.
MetaFilter: How Dare You?
MetaFilter: You're With Us or Asking Us How to be Against Us.
Metafilter: Might Also Make Miguel Cry
MetaFilter: Home of the MetaPeople.
Metafilter: 'Morning Ralph. 'Morning, Sam.
MetaFilter: Any post deleted so as not to cause controversy will be linked to in no less than three MetaTalk posts.
Metafilter: getting teenage kicks right through the night
MetaFilter: Fucking Attention Whores
Metafilter: "I'm 4-F!" "No, I'm 4-F!"
MetaFilter: right up there with Queer Eye for hygiene tips.
MetaFilter: Worst of the web since 1999.
MetaFilter: All people have assholes too.
Metafilter: Weak, and unworthy.
Metafilter: Grow claws. We'll help you.
Metafilter: challenge-level racial slur crosswords
MetaFilter: Googling our pants off.
MetaFilter: self-described compulsive fellator.
Metafilter: we've got posters from Atlantis
MetaFilter: 1% for Stalin!
MetaFilter: That Wasn't Meant to Sound Snotty.
MetaFilter: fowl language, bitch bitch fuck, and offensive messages
MetaFilter: Inviting strangers into your home, who may kill you in your sleep.
MetaFilter: Inviting strangers into your home, who may kill you in your sleep.
Metafilter: qobsnzr riuned mt kiubord.
MetaFilter: More sensitive than your average foreskin.
MetaFilter: More sensitive than your average foreskin.
MetaFilter: You'll need to bring your own feather
MetaFilter: scarf that shit up
MetaFilter: stretch your stomach in preparation
metafilter: Your logic's got me a little confused.
Metafilter: bicker and libel
Metafilter: Like a lot of Lisboans
MetaFilter: more virulent than kottke
MetaFilter: We may be laying in the gutter, but we're staring up at the stars.
Metafilter: what the fat white American techie guy thinks
Metafilter: I'm all about the gay! I love the gay!
Metafilter: a Psychiatric Case Study of the Interweb
metafilter:+the+blue+fairy+book%22&hl=en">anything one says there can and will be posted online later by one of the friendly members there. In fact, that is something that should be posted on the #mefi page on the MetaFilter Wiki. Shoot the shit but remember--it might as well be carved in stone.
Metafilter: The Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup.
Metafilter: Product may contain peanuts.
Metafilter: Poo of the eye!
MetaFilter: I Just Saw a Big Dr. Phil
Metafilter: Aw, fuck it. I don't care this much.
Metafilter: Curiosity Withdrawn.
Metafilter: High School Minus the Girls
Metafilter: If we're condescending to you, will you go away too?
Metafilter: It's just hard for all of us to co-exist happily.
MetaFilter: The purple people rotate.
Metafilter: Oh, the torment, the oppression, the ennui, the despair
MetaFilter: This Way We All Get To Be Impressed....
Metafilter: Is that a troll up my ass?
Metafilter: Come for the links, stay for the never ending bitch fest.
Metafilter: I hate you online, but I love you in person!
Metafilter: Identifying French cartoons about alien hornets since 2003.
MetaFilter: Willingness to be inconvenienced
MetaFilter: nothing left but camelburgers.
metafilter: where all the high-octane raptors are buried.
Metafilter: why am I wasting my time with these losers when I could be spending it with sluts and plants?
Metafilter: Do these cunts really think they look good in them?
Metafilter: I'm very confused as to what has transpired here.
MetaFilter: We're not your support group, just your soapbox.
Metafilter: A Shower of Pee.
Metafilter: Getting Lost in a Shower of Pee.
MetaFilter: a good man is dead, let's be snarky!
MetaFilter: skip them, always
Metafilter: A Slapwank in the Grey
metafilter: as much for love of argument as anything.
Metafilter: okay, awkward.
MetaFilter: being swarmed with morons at 30,000 feet.
Metafilter: I'm totally...
Metafilter: ironic playground.
MetaFilter: I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered.
Metafilter: Harshed my Metabuzz : >
Metafilter: For the open wound in all of us.
Metafilter: Salt for the open wound in all of us.
Metafilter: Think of it as farting in front of 17,000 wives.
Metafilter: listen here, you smug little fuck.
MetaFilter: Bleah
MetaFilter: What's the rumpus?
MetaFilter: What's the rumpus?
MetaFilter: Hunt the Wumpus.
MetaFilter: Eats, Shoots and Hangs Around to Explain Himself.
Metafilter: It's you I want to hide from.
MetaFilter: Eats, Shoots and Hangs Around to Explain Himself.
MetaFilter: vibrations coming from your monitor.
Metafilter: Let's go get perms.
Metafilter: We're outraged by the outrage
Metafilter: It's not fair to blame Matt for problems I created.
Metafilter: shut the hell up.
Metafilter: Next time, it will all be different.
Metafilter: Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention.
Metafilter: so that we may feel blessed and, while you're at it, give us tons of Lego. : >
MetaFilter: most people come for the hate and discontent!
MetaFilter: Self-loathing since 1999.
MetaFilter: Now With Added Flavor!
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world."
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world." - Paris is an artist - hiding his tactic in plain site, he disguises it as a sarcastic quip.
Metafilter: insupportably obnoxious in a serial way.1
MetaFilter: Keeping assholes in line.
Metafilter: too heart warming to delete.
metafilter: much of that is small rectangles to me.
MetaFilter: [warning: dead baby; MIDI]
Metafilter: you can fucking choke on a bucket of cocks.
MetaFilter: put down the cocks and go read it.
MetaFilter: A Bucket O' Cocks
Metafilter: Liberal HomoCommie Massmind
Metafilter: If it's gonna suck everywhere, you might as well hang out here with us.
MetaFilter: Thanks for your mediocre variation on a stale 111 half-witticism.
MetaFilter: Thanks for your mediocre variation on a stale 111 half-witticism.
Metafilter: a bunch of people of different ages, locations, nationalities and races who all agree with me.
MetaFilter: A screwdriver in your dick, a bucket of cocks, and a cookie.
MetaFilter: It was never funny."
MetaFilter: A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Metafilter: you'll come for the news. You'll stay for the bitching.
MetaFilter: We're all in this to get her."
Metafilter: Matt, geton the ball and and some new taglines
MetaFilter: could it be more offensive?
Metafilter: Now that's a REALLY useful invention! *boom*
Metafilter: Could you have phrased that more offensively?
Metafilter: Why don't you go eat a bucket full of cocks.
MetaFilter: In serious need of a sarcasm detector.
Metafilter: What?
Metafilter: Keeping the Leftists inside, so they do as little damage as possible on the outside.
Metafilter: Keeping the Righties outside, so they do as little damage as possible on the inside.
Metafilter: "?
Metafilter: Could you have phrased that more offensively?
Metafilter: Yes, I do need to get a life.
MetaFilter: The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars
Metafilter: Like wiping your ass with a page torn from the bible
Metafilter: myth making activities and more
Metafilter: Shut up Seth
Metafilter: It's a joke, get over it.
Metafilter: I win.
Metafilter: Yes, you win.
Metafilter: It's a pyrrhic victory
Metafilter: cock buckets are the new pancakes.
Metafilter: "?
Metafilter: Metafilter!
Metafilter: Make Everyone Talk About Flash, Iraq, Liberals, the Times... Everything Really.
MetaFilter: ?????
Metafilter:It vibrates!
Metafilter: In jokes for introverts cf.
Metafilter: Reasoned and dignified debate
Metafilter: The Kuo5hin it's possible to navigate Contentious!
Metafilter: Links to thoughtful and interesting web pieces
Metafilter: This is an in-joke.
Metafilter: we come together in love...
MetaFilter: bitch early. bitch often.
Metafilter: My cat's breath smells like a bucket o' cocks.
MetaFilter: Making Shit Up As We Go Along
MetaFilter: Making Shit One-Upsmanship
Metafilter: Ponies, cocks,'s like a fucking zoo in here.
Metafilter: Welcome, Don Mattingly, alluring Siamese accordionist, I hope her idea's funny!
Metafilter: so I axed it.
Metafilter: I think back to to what evanizer, Steven Den Beste, and 111 have said, and they're absolutely right
Metafilter: Violating the spirit
MetaFilter: For all you quonsars out there". I need help, any web developers / programmers willing to help?
Metafilter: It's no bucket of cocks.
MetaFilter: self-culling since 1999
Metafilter: the noise IS the signal.
MetaFilter: some hideous malformed code
Metafilter: Quality trumps uniqueness.
MetaFilter: Truth is, matt, I do want the feature
MetaFilter: it seems that lame jokes are here to stay.
MetaFilter: ____Filter
Metafilter: this is why we can have nice things!
MetaFilter: only the... *snigger*
Metafilter: It's [usually] a Simpsons reference.
MetaFilter: Argument Clinic
MetaFilter: Assorted levels of self-centered assholitude.
MetaFilter: Flakey and free
MetaFilter: fetishizing idiosyncrasy.
Metafilter: more addictive than crack.
MetaFilter: Where Memes Start
MetaFilter: The Snark Starts Here
Metafilter: I'll call you a "doodoo-head", or - even worse - an American!
Metafilter: You're nobody till somebody hates you.
Metafilter: Censor all opposing views just because we (He) can, and they are so inconvenient anyway.
Metafilter: You're nobody till somebody hates you.
MetaFilter: "Since we're all getting ours out: here's mine."
Metafilter: It's better than the usual incest.
MetaFilter: Organ Bashing.
Metafilter: parochial, pimply, nerdish, cliquey, incestuous and, ultimately, meaningless.
Metafilter: when the rubbing won't intrude too much
MetaFilter: The Rest of the Web.
MetaFilter: All US Election News, All The Time.1
MetaFilter: It's just a fucking website.
Metafilter: Dated January 14, 2003, by "NortonDC." ..."
Metafilter: Behind the laughter" in the second quarter of next year.
Metafilter: Behind the Laughter.
Metafilter: I take perverse comfort in that.
MetaFilter: More annoying than it actually is.
MetaFilter: The Pete Best of the internet.
Metafilter: leeching off the juices of the blogosphere++
MetaFilter: we're talkin' one load
Metafilter: haven't you got a shushing bee to attend or something?
Metafilter: oh, sorry, is my dissimulation not working?
MetaFilter: I imagine a thousand pleps, each with an appreciation for that which transcends the mundane and a willingness to draw upon a multitude of disciplines to reveal more about the topic at hand and the collective human experience through the sharing of knowledge and considered discourse.
Metafilter: Don't post links, or something bad will happen.
MetaFilter: Seth's new byotch!
Metafilter: I still find your constant whining really annoying Seth.
MetaFilter: If the "community" in "community weblog"
MetaFilter: The Site Where People Go To Discuss How seth Feels About Things
MetaFilter: "Nothing. No, something."
Metafilter: remixed.
Metafilter: Drunk people who steal stuff
Metafilter: shooting them all would be a start, frankly.
Metafilter: The Hate-Filled Twinkie it's OK to like.
Metafilter: this is hypertext people
Metafilter: it's just silly to quote things at length.
MetaFilter: my cheap-ass internet friends.
Metafilter: Rub my pussy with that falafel, ass pirate!
Metafilter: where asshat, fuckwit and links to goatse abound
metafilter: Usenet without the headers
Metafilter: Hey, what is it with people raiding my comments for MeFi taglines lately?
Metafilter: imunna get a laywer to sue your aSs. snuh!
Metafilter: "Usenet without the headers" isn't even my A material.
MetaFilter: isn't even my A material."
Metafilter: it's a trend that should be nipped in the bud ; >
MetaFilter: Vicodin Talking.
Metafilter: "Who wants to fill this [stuff] out. I just want to read your dumb story."
Metafilter: Crap, crap, crap. I think you can handle it.
Metafilter: I am quite angry and offended and it would be false of me to pretend otherwise.
MetaFilter: In short, I am very sad.
Metafilter: It always ends with someone's penis being measured.
Metafilter: it is not an intellectual discussion board.
Metafilter: everything y6y6y6 said, and more.
Metafilter: It always ends with someone's penis being measured.
Metafilter: Fuck Yeah!
MetaFilter: Toddle off and eat pout, you shitty little Napoleon!
metafilter: it's actually fun in nj
MetaFilter: king of the shitpile
MetaFilter: why one would vote for Bush, sans all the typical snarking.
MetaFilter: I suppose it's possible I ate the smurf without even noticing.)
MetaFilter: I think the playground was an appropriate compromise between graveyard and Donkey Konga.
MetaFilter: why one would vote for Bush, sans all the typical snarking.
Metafilter: Plumbing the depths of pathetic net conspiracy theories with great gusto."
MetaFilter: Freedom costs a buck-o-five.
Metafilter: I wouldn't join if you paid me.
Metafilter: Come for the in-depth conversation and issue-focussed links, stay for the macho posturing!
Metafilter: We're 'okay' with jesus, but we're not sure about the jews.
Metafilter: I'm starting to feel constipated at the thought of so much meat
Metafilter: Only a shitlicking nunfucker would put a goddamn comma there.
MetaFilter: I don't WANT to be exposed to anus.
Metafilter: for best effect, read in the voice of Edith Bunker.
MetaFilter: The Word Toilet Organization
MetaFilter: a good strong nutsack flattening
Metafilter: Please, think of the mothers.
MetaFilter: Bela Lugosi's STILL dead
Metafilter: Groupthink at its finest.
MetaFilter: This 'Internet' has to be, without question, the most infernal contraption since the motorcar!
MetaFilter: All the angels peek over the clouds and point and laugh
MetaFilter: There's too much crap
MetaFilter: everyone and their dog.
MetaFilter: You are not a unique snowflake.
MetaFilter: Sick of looking at each other
MetaFilter: Face my nonetheless textual wrath
MetaFilter: 12564 (new user privileges are just starting to kick in)
MetaFilter: 14260
Metafilter: I do not WANT to be exposed to anus.
Metafilter: Flipping you like a flapjack and rolling you up like a knapsack
Metafilter: you can't skim a comment that's been deleted.
MetaFilter: Textually Masturbating
Metafilter: suicide by Matt.
Metafilter: Welcome to the shit house Mr. Anal
MetaFilter: Wasting Matt's time since 1999.
Metafilter: failure to understand why this is inappropriate is perverse and your defense is delusional.
MetaFilter: Where the voice of reason is named fishfucker.
MetaFilter: Open up your pipes, baby, here comes some transfer.
metafilter: the practiced dicking about of the elderly
MetaFilter: pages of gaping assholes
metafilter: everyone here (except rushmc) is a liar
MetaFilter: Cultivating dicks, one bushel at a time
metafilter: more inside Doohickie
metafilter: where doohickie posts to himself
metafilter: we're trying to take care of the problem by publically humiliating them
Metafilter: I do not WANT to be exposed to anus.
Metafilter: just for the noobs.
MetaFilter: The tagline meme is over.
Metafilter: Let's rock out with our clocks out!
MetaFilter: where you try and be nice for a change, and people poo all over it.
MetaFilter: where you try and be nice for a change, and people poo all over it.
MetaFilter: where you try and be nice for a change, and people poo all over it.
MetaFilter: where you try and be nice for a change, and people poo all over it.
MetaFilter: various knitted things among the holier-than-thou hipster set.
Metafilter: OH SO hoity-toity.
Metafilter: Why don't you give this person some HELPFUL ADVICE instead of being a DIDACTIC PRICK?
MetaFilter: grunting out flames
Metafilter: I've felt the flames licking at my ass.
Metafilter: The Golden Age ended the day before you joined.
MetaFilter: Shriller and more intolerant than ever before! Now with CAPS LOCK!
MetaFilter: People whose names you know and respect make snarky asides.
Metafilter: in sum, STFU.
MetaFilter: IT IS OAK.
MetaFilter: Show me on the doll where the Bad N**b touched you.
MetaFilter: Pandemic newbish cockery
metafilter: remixed project which is based on a similar idea. And in the accompanying MetaTalk thread from two years ago, matthowie gave the impression that this wild pony would someday be domesticated and brought into the corral.
Metafilter: Do ya'all actually get sexual aroused when exercising your 'self-policing' powers.
Metafilter: I'll think / your stupid
Metafilter: Just kill the fucking stupid.
Metafilter: Love It or Leave It
Metafilter: The only way to win is not to play.
MetaFilter: The Sweet Unsucked Nipples of the Mother of Jesus!
Metafilter: I hate that baby and what it's done to Matt and this site.
Metafilter: More Addictive than Crack is not just a tagline.
MetaFilter: unnecessary, distracting and long.
Metafilter: Make it new.
Metafilter: that's a paddlin'
Metafilter: The Golden Age ended the day before you joined.
Metafilter: I know anus.
Metafilter: Ergo, the biscuit.
MetaFilter: you are a total nerdface who wakes up every day to a big bowl of dorkflakes and is a nerd.
MetaFilter: MEGO
Metafilter: YOU sir are an asshat.
MetaFilter: Will fuck anything that moves
MetaFilter: huffing gas from garbage bags and doing coke off the backs of twelve year old girls.
Metafilter: What we have here is an egregemous miscarriagement of taxitude and, perhaps, a dash of extra-perfuctorialiscious non-demoninalizational supra-eragatorrific bannination.
Metafilter: maybe.
Metafilter: Hungry freaks, daddy.
MetaFilter: And nthdegx is right
MetaFilter: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Metafilter: We are better than this.
MetaFilter: Our fray is all self-inflicted.
MetaFilter: It's all self-inflicted
MetaFilter: Once I did wipe me with a gentle-woman's velvet mask, and found it to be good; for the softness of the silk was very voluptuous and pleasant to my fundament.
Metafilter: Self-trolling since 1999
Metafilter: Now with 43% more Meta.
MetaFilter: the Ringles and the Jocks
MetaFilter: We Know What 'Quality' Is."
MetaFilter: Wheaties & Pee Taste Okay After a While.
Metafilter: Please do not let this image of a dilated anus prevent critical discussion of a very interesting topic.
MetaFilter: rule by benevolent dictator works!
Metafilter: every Tom, Dick, and Harriette with inoperable lung, colon, and liver cancer is going to think that they can just waltz in here and start linking willy-nilly to their websites.
MetaFilter: I had no idea...
Metafilter: Your sassiness excites me
MetaFilter: I hope never to encounter your moistness.
Metafilter: No--it's about Metafilter.
Metafilter: It's all in the nose, not the urine.
Metafilter: 20,000 People Who Think They're So Damn Smart.
Metafilter: join the debate!
MetaFilter: a daily glitterfix of diamond shiny.
Metafilter: Catchphrase" gag is beyond tired, and it's done many times more often than it's done well.)
Metafilter: Catchphrase" gag is beyond tired, and it's done many times more often than it's done well
MetaFilter: Millions of Gaping Assholes, Every Day.
MetaFilter: Show us your teeth.
Metafilter: On the internet, nobody knows you're a dogmatist.
MetaFilter: Love it or leave it".
MetaFilter: Love it or leave it".
MetaFilter: Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand.
MetaFilter: Kung-fu Drama Queenery.
MetaFilter: Remixed.
Metafilter: The post is yours. The thread is ours.
Metafilter: ______
Metafilter: Better than the best bench-clearing Hockey fight.
MetaFilter: Pony-Up Five Bucks and Try Again.
Metafilter: Someone with a persecution complex nailed themselves to a cross and can't get down from it.
Metafilter: a multi-...
MetaFilter: Pony-spanking since 1999. BAD PONY!
MetaFilter: If you keep paying us, Matt will keep taking your money.
Metafilter: Nobody loves me so I had to pay to get you exposed to my genius.
Metafilter: Shilli-ness.
metafilter: strange and arbitrary
MetaFilter: A Circle of Jerks.
MetaFilter: It'd be a silly bit of irony.
MetaFilter: People take part in all sorts of wackiness.
MetaFilter: check your dignity at the door.
MetaFilter: like wrestling a pig. you both get muddy, but the pig likes it.
Metafilter: Daisy Chain, Yes. Circle Jerk, No.
Metafilter: that those NOT causing the problems should bear the burden for those who are. And that's just wrong.
MetaFilter: contemptuous of the audience and I hate it
Metafilter: Multiplayer Notepad.
MetaFilter: Don't Use Your Language Here.
MetaFilter: Dumb boys!
MetaFilter: I'm not weirded out by it, I've fucked it
Metafilter: 95% of us aren't that obtuse.
MetaFilter: I want to put my dame in your mathowie.
MetaFilter: People are clamoring for rules for it and it feels slightly overzealous to me.
metafilter: a juicier scene than you expect.
Metafilter: this is the last damn time
MetaFilter: Nobody said you would like it.
MetaFilter: where dullards duel with duller blades to the textual death
metafilter: like a glimpse into a brain ravaged by mad cow disease
Metafilter: Don't be a dick (but if you are one, you'll probably get away with it, depending on user number and history?)
Metafilter: Always Avoid Alliteration
Metafilter: It's kind of...
MetaFilter: What kind of a shitty place is this?
Metafilter: twiniginkenegel twiniginkenegel linigitenegal stanagar
Metafilter: Not for the slower-witted
Metafilter: These are not the comments you are looking for.
metafilter: so elegant, so intelligent
MetaFilter: We Have Boxes
metafilter: 5 dollars
Metafilter: We do it for the pussy money.
Metafilter: Doing lines off hookers' thighs since 1999.
Metafilter: they are skin whoring
MetaFilter: Prissy on the inside, cocksuckery on the outside!
Metafilter: Equal time for Dingles and Hoo-has
MetaFilter: Oh cool! Tits!!
MetaFilter: We Think With Our Lizard Brains.
Metafilter: Like it or suck it.
MetaFilter: Angry outbursts, drunken rants, pissing matches and grudgefests.
Metafilter: heat-of-the-moment outbursts, posting while drunk and angry, petty pissing matches and grudgefests, and generally fucking with the site ...
MetaFilter: are you really horribly mis-treated here? Or is it more a case of most people here being loud-mouthed, socially inept oafs?
MetaFilter::Boyzone" be termed as the tendency for the humour and topics around here to be boorish and male-centric, with a side-condition that sometimes those same boorish men don't know when to say nothing.
MetaFilter: are you really horribly mis-treated here? Or is it more a case of most people here being loud-mouthed, socially inept oafs?
Metafilter: Poignant, poignant, asshole-ish, poignant.
MetaFilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
MetaFilter: Green!
Metafilter: FIX IT
MetaFilter: Playing fast and loose with the time-space continuum.
Metafilter: Tiny little keyboards
Metafilter: Me would be good for sock puppets.
MetaFilter: I belong here, I get this place, please accept me.
Metafilter: reserved for (mainly) lamers
Metafilter: I am teh smart
MetaFilter: You're into omphaloskepsis.
Metafilter: It's about the links.
Metafilter: it's still better than Slashdot
Metafilter: something like what you're asking for
Metafilter: seriously solemn and solemnly serious.
Metafilter: I'd ride it.
Metafilter: Pausing for station identification.
MetaFilter: it's more the sentiment behind the expression
Metafilter: Sorry to have ruined your day.
MetaFilter: I'm offended!
Metafilter: not necessarily related to homosexuality
Metafilter: Get greeted with Suicide Girls dropping their panties.
MetaFilter: Old dogs; no new tricks.
MetaFilter: Old dogs; no new tricks, but the same crap.
MetaFilter: Hitting Reload Like a Meth-Addicted Rat.
MetaFilter: Hitting Reload Like a Meth-Addicted Rat.
Metafilter: Self policing, 1999-2005. R.I.P.
Metafilter: If they didn't care, they wouldn't care
MetaFilter: Conversation should be ludic, I reckon.
Metafilter: We're what's for dinner.
MetaFilter: the other white meat.
Metafilter: *starts to unbutton her clothes with decorum and aplomb*
Metafilter: annoying
MetaFilter: You're wrong. no, you're wrong." mea culpa.
MetaFilter: We will await the heap of completely remarkable references
Metafilter: Very that not on is best foreign veblog
MetaFilter: No one here will ever get laid again.
Metafilter: What To Think has got to be the worst.
MetaFilter: We will await the heap of completely remarkable references
MetaFilter: Argument as performance art
Metafilter: We're all in trouble.
Metafilter: YAAAR MAITY!
Metafilter: how do I become a camwhore?
Metafilter: this is being blown way out of proportion.
Metafilter: A blowjob raffle for the righteous.
Metafilter: comments willy-nilly
MetaFilter: You're not a unique snowflake.
Metafilter: get flamed for free.
Metafilter: Get over yourselves.
MetaFilter: more meeeow than woof.
Metafilter: Please mark hand with 666 before posting.
Metafilter: A Week Without Politics, I don't think mediareport's fpp falls below the standard for news stories posted in the blue.
Metafilter: Love It or or Leave It, dirty hippie!
Metafilter: Making a berk of oneself.
Metafilter: Seattle just left the building.
Metafilter: No! It's YOUR grudge!
MetaFilter: Maybe no one gives a shit. We can only hope.
Metafilter: [highlighted phrase]" in the comments box, and then to hit post. Then I would like my keyboard to give me a jolt of about 30 volts.
MetaFilter: Like a penis at a freaky lesbian make-out party.
Metafilter: It's gonna be that kind of party.
MetaFilter: We're all drinking this together."
Metafilter: It's a dilemma.
Metafilter: It's a dilemma.
MetaFilter: That's no tagline
MetaFilter: /slap
MetaFilter: GODDAMIT!!
Metafilter: I'm too busy embarrassing myself on Metafilter.
MetaFilter: Everybody Hates A Tourist
Metafilter: sod this for a game of soldiers
MetaFilter: the mental equivalent of blue balls.
Metafilter: Points Can Be Gleaned
MetaFilter: Baby Jesus is not exactly jitterbugging
MetaFilter: This rather weak in-joke has long since passed the point where it could be considered to be even approaching being amusing.
MetaFilter: I still find this admittedly weak in-joke quite amusing.
Metafilter: you're either profoundly stupid or dangerously insane.
metafilter: corrosive and childish, and we like it that way, dammit!
Metafilter: Stop being so reasonable!
Metafilter:Remixed when anyone clicked on it. It looked like this:
Metafilter:Remixed and less time looking at MeFi because the signal/noise ratio is much better there -- it's all signal. There are numerous posts in MeFi with lots of comments but little content (either in the links of the discussion), so it's hard to tell what's what. The good stuff is still there, it just takes more effort to find it. However, whenever I do take the time to read MeFi and I notice something interesting I vote for it on Remixed. Judging by the recent activity there, only a few people ever do this, and so a lot of good stuff doesn't make it over. So this was intended to encourage people to go over there and use it, as much as to highlight the post (which is excellent). I didn't really think this through, though. The inherent stupidity of this idea is pretty much confirmed by the existence of this MetaTalk thread.
Metafilter:Remixed. In a matter of hours, 132 people clicked the link. Since it only allows one vote per IP I'd wager it's a good representation of the actual number of users. By way of contrast, only 26 people actually commented in the thread itself.
Metafilter:Remixed and its relationship to the comment text, there's no way to know how many of those votes were from people who actually knew what clicking on the link would do. My guess is: not many. D'oh! But I swear, had my intent been malicious, I would have posted a comment that voted for some other thread (like maybe this one). Experimentally, the entire purpose of exercise was a failure, since I don't think there's been any activity over there since Matt deleted my comment. Most people probably just scratched their heads and then moved on.
Metafilter: truly, truly humbled and amazed.
MetaFilter: Did anybody even enter?
MetaFilter: Whats this pancake business all about?
MetaFilter: I say that to my customers all the time.
MetaFilter: I was also wondering why I kept trying to make a new post.
MetaFilter: that stuff sneaks up on you.
MetaFilter: i have the fish to prove it.
MetaFilter: i actually have blebs
MetaFilter: Muscle memory, or whatever you call it
MetaFilter: With big headphones. And orange goggles.
MetaFilter: it'll probably get deleted for being meaningless or silly or something
MetaFilter: In a room full of vinyl albums stacked on the walls. With flannel. Lots of flannel.
MetaFilter: I just can't get his big-headed German whore out of my mind.
MetaFilter: I have no idea how I picture myself.
MetaFilter: I half-jokingly half-imagine everyone as either John or Joan Cusack.
MetaFilter: this would have been a perfect thread to not post in.
MetaFilter: best of the web statistics
Metafilter: We're the Aristocrats !
Metafilter: Grow a Hide.
Metafilter: I actually have masturbated animals for artificial insemination purposes
MetaFilter: Banned In The Name of Jesus.
MetaFilter: I bet you think this thread is about you.
Metafilter: Gah!
Metafilter: I'd like to see more comments regarding pancakes in these threads.
MetaFilter: Now celebrating one thread without a lame tagline.
Metafilter: You folks sure are inconsistent...
MetaFilter: However, I could be wr-
MetaFilter: A dad-gummit swaddlin' little jumble o' timesuck.
MetaFilter: Just assume a wizard did it.
Metafilter: a long tradition of naming pets.
Metafilter: Priorities? What priorities?
Metafilter: every legalistic fart and tremble
MetaFilter: Naturally Offensive.
Metafilter: one obnoxious and salivating blur.
Metafilter: it wasn't some miracle in user behavior
Metafilter: Discussing semantics for the sake of having something to argue about.
MetaFilter: A Pulpit And Toilet For Great Zombie Christ.
MetaFilter: A Bulimic Force Fed through a One-Way Tube
metafilter: uses the word "dude" a lot
MetaFilter: People should be banned.
Metafilter: See?... Boobs!
Metafilter: Internet gustapo's we are.
Metafilter: It blogs, it's what it does.
Metafilter: we're all Seanyboy-itarians now.
Metafilter: chatty and prolific discursive style.
Metafilter: incessant and precise probings
Metafilter: responsible for more deaths and more evil then the Nazis and the Communists combined.
MetaFilter: An Eruption of Mt. St. Bullshit.
MetaFilter: Put on some capri pants and throw your hat in the air.
Metafilter: 92% complaints
Metafilter: you got treated badly because you were treating other people badly
Metafilter: People are jerks and behave erratically
Metafilter: Provocative for Provocation's Sake
MetaFilter:You all are more fun to respond to by yelling at my screen.
metafilter: tag lines and a feed for the date stamp and a feed for everytime quonsar visits
MetaFilter: bombs could fall from the sky and I'm looking forward to still getting married.
Metafilter: visually jarring on a mostly text website
Metafilter: OK Matt. I'm officially an idiot.
Metafilter: not safe for work
Metafilter: Idiot fish in an idiotic barrel.
MetaFilter: neither convinces nor informs
Metafilter: Comunist, hippie, perverted, impotent, nose-picking, three-legged, bearded, grandmother mailmen!
Metafilter: I remind myself of Bartelby sometimes, but without the drive.
MetaFilter: Let us swarm it
Metafilter: a form of "Walt Disney creativity"
Metafilter: Running on a tank filled with guilt and social pressure
Metafilter: you're cool taking your syntax from a right-wing cartoon duck
Metafilter: you yourself are a dick.
MetaFilter: some of the web.
Metafilter: best of the web... or not.
Metafilter: of the web.
metafilter: this is nothing more
Metafilter: spit or swallow debate waiting to happen, and nothing more
Metafilter: spit or swallow
Metafilter: Talk the pain away.
Metafilter: Can't flog this horse!
MetaFilter: At what point do you realize that it is just petty nonsense that really has no point?
Metafilter: Why do you hate MeFi so much?
Metafilter: bringing sandpaper to a circle-jerk
Metafilter: Could you save the really nasty name-calling for about an hour from now. And definitely any flameouts, I don't want to miss any flameouts. I always read about those things the next day, and they read like warm eggnog tastes.
Metafilter: Anti.
Metafilter: Welcome to the new Metafilter
MetaFilter: The usual bunch of idiots.
Metafilter: Pruning all the crap
MetaFilter: Renewing an endless argument.
MetaFilter: I don't have to read the thread.
MetaFilter: A community of bloviating assholes.
Metafilter: All the same shrill evangelizing.
Metafilter: You probably fell asleep in front of the screen re-reading one of your comments. No biggie.
MetaFilter: my floating, pulsating ring.
MetaFilter: Buttsnorkeling frenzy.
Metafilter: What does this add to the discussion?
Metafilter: grouse
Metafilter: 23710 creatures that wet themselves and cry for attention.
Metafilter: I know the link itself sucks.
Metafilter: if you took yourself and your desires a bit less seriously none of this would have happened.
Metafilter: *stoic silence*
Metafilter: *stoic silence*
Metafilter: In hindsight I should have posted this under a different account.
Metafilter: You now leave the realm of normal people.
Metafilter: The fact that a few people got it doesn't mean that most people did.
MetaFilter: Like West Side Story with Nerds.
Metafilter: This is a fuckin radge thread by the way ah'm tryin tae git ma heid roond it but ah'm still fuckin scoobied likes ...
MetaFilter: Hey, are you going to Metafilter with anyone, by chance?
MetaFilter: A Passing Acquaintance with the Steve Guttenberg Oeuvre is a Litmus Test for Intelligence
Metafilter: blocking your wife's cervix
Metafilter: my lap and I thank you.
metafilter: it's all Matt
MetaFilter: doesn't play well with others
Metafilter: celebrating 20 hours of uptime!
Metafilter: the snark is the signal
Metafilter: taglines repeated endlessly
Metafilter: if you open a can labelled "Shit"... you ain't gettin' pineapple rings, buddy.
Metafilter: the magnet school of high-school-cafeteria–level discourse on the web
Metafilter: Steve nails it.
Metafilter: Steve nails it.
Metafilter: Everyone really does get mocked and derided here
Metafilter: conformists!!!
Metafilter: Taglines repeated endlessly by new people trying desperately to fit in.
Metafilter: Oddly cathartic masturbation.
Metafilter: Largely inaccurate and utterly irrelevant.
MetaFilter: It's sock puppets all the way down...
Metafilter: more Disney.
Metafilter: it's like yenta crack
MetaFilter: not Jergins and a tissue, which is why I'm here and not Fark.
Metafilter: Did your craniorectoectomy pan out?
MetaFilter: the group dynamic of a person in trouble being treated as an entertaining spectacle over the net.
MetaFilter: Large and prickly.
metafilter: babbling dullards fresh off the boat
metafilter: participating vigorously
Metafilter: Why do our pancake overlords vibrate, Lib'rul?
MetaFilter: One-liner which hopefully will be later quoted as a tagline.
Metafilter: so these 14kers, they're vibrating bucket of drama queens?
MetaFilter: Reads, goes to bed without posting
Metafilter: let the snarkers piss off
MetaFilter: Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
MetaFilter: Damned if you do, damned if you don't."
Metafilter: The stuff of nightmares
MetaFilter: Steve_at_Longbaugh's crackpot Meftrix theory
MetaFilter: Swinging the Banhammer on some random sock puppet.
MetaFilter: loud, fast, and unsubtle.
MetaFilter: loads slow, unstable.
Metafilter: threat or menace?
MetaFilter: The Book.
metafilter: forgot to flush
metafilter: redesign in 05 still slowly dying
MetaFilter: Best Unicorns and Rainbows and Fluffy Kittens and Other Innocuous Stuff that Offends Nobody on the Web".
MetaFilter: Best Unicorns and Rainbows and Fluffy Kittens and Other Innocuous Stuff that Offends Nobody on the Web".
MetaFilter: Best Unicorns and Rainbows and Fluffy Kittens and Other Innocuous Stuff that Offends Nobody on the Web'"
Metafilter: Just the facts. Leave all your comments at home.
MetaFilter: dropping into obviously trollish FPPs to watch you monkeys sling shit at each other
MetaFilter: buff dudes in sleeveless Metallica wifebeaters.
Metafilter: Deletion Jihad
Metafilter: [this is good]" overlords; I also eat tapes, and chase them with PepsiBlue, because I have fish in my pants.
Metafilter: [this is good]" overlords; I also eat tapes, and chase them with PepsiBlue, because I have fish in my pants.
Metafilter: [this is good]" overlords; I also eat tapes, and chase them with PepsiBlue, because I have fish in my pants.
MetaFilter: An exercise in perseverance.
metafilter: urbanized anthropomorphizing rodent worshippers in full flight from reality.
metafilter: urbanized anthropomorphizing hare-splitting lagomorph worshippers in full flight from reality
Metafilter: (Delete if unfunny)
MetaFilter: What The Man Just Said
MetaFilter: You're a Shitbag.
Metafilter: You might as well never say anything.
MetaFilter: It's because we don't like you.
MetaFilter: a poor, delicate brain that exists merely to ennervate 9622v2
Metafilter: The line in the sand is right here. I mean, what kind of bizarre question is that?
Metafilter: Marking Territory with a Protolanguage
Metafilter: ...
MetaFilter: we are all in the same longboat.
metafilter: 30 == 100
MetaFilter: bugs, member gatherings, questions of etiquette or form.
MetaFilter: Leave the good china locked up.
MetaFilter: Rome wasn't burned in a day.
Metafilter: The content is mostly irrelevant.
MetaFilter: I have these red bumps on my nether regions and I think it might be quonsar.
MetaFilter: The Best of the Web.
MetaFilter: The Best of the Web.
MetaFilter: what da fuck is a metafilter?
MetaFilter: This is, amazingly, somehow even gayer than my MeTa thread.
Metafilter: Louder words speak actions.
Metafilter: We screw in lightbulbs
Metafilter: There is nothing worse on MeFi than you
Metafilter: like flirtatious banter.
MetaFilter: insane shit about homosexuality, feminism, jerry lewis, rain man, horse cocks
Metafilter: nuttier than squirrel shit
Metafilter: But not as funny as ArrDev.
MetaFilter: Best Online Relationship With A Minor EVER
MetaFilter: That bunny thing was awesome.
MetaFilter: I can't even comprehend!
MetaFilter: no. wait.
Metafilter: It's all masturbation.
Metafilter: hot or not?
Metafilter: PWNED
metafilter: people making comments directed at other personalities instead of the post topic or issues surrounding it. Worse than that is posting about someone else and making some crack about how you expect them to act, in hopes they rise to the predictable bait.
MetaFilter: The baby that shit through her diaper.
metafilter: watching him... but he covers, not 30 == 100 heh. actually, now i'm wanting to alarm Belle. Jan is getting random numbers of random blogs. still hiding out in the loft 44 one time, 26 another, etc. The having fantasies about a steamy reunion query is grabbing 100 users, but with Shawn. Later, Shawn goes to then only displaying those that have the police station to see how a URL, so that's sometimes 30, his father is doing and tells sometimes more. I'm fixing the query, but his parents about the odd sensation there is much yak shaving along he has that he is being the way. I fixed everything and it followed. Bo tries timeout when trying time. Celeste is awakened by an eerie to display 15k records. I just changed visitation from Roman and Maggie's spirits. it to somet
MetaFilter: fantasies about a steamy reunion query is grabbing 100 users
Metafilter: it's too CrystalBallFilter for AskMe.
MetaFilter: Jerks.
MetaFilter: the signal to noise ratio is too high.
MetaFilter: Best of the leftovers.
MetaFilter: Anus has deliberately cocked up the HTML
Metafilter: Too many ass buttons, not enough lick buttons.
Metafilter: I'm actually Mexican.
Metafilter: Please turn yourself into the authorities for processing.
Metafilter: I'm just grateful this thread is almost over.
Metafilter: It's truly voracious.
Metafilter: Don't do it, but if you're going to do it, use protection.
MetaFilter: Licking the spaceman, and other unsavory things.
Metafilter: Go fuck yourself, (insert name here) you wordy, presumptuous, pretentious twat. I'm so tired of your bullshit, honestly.
MetaFilter: It's not what you really wrote.
Metafilter: Things That Are Batshit Insane
Metafilter: Complete assholes and right-wingers RULE!
MetaFilter: The Predatory Evil Within and Making Republicans Out of Democrats by The Dozens.
MetaFilter: Can We Please Change The Taglines?
MetaFilter: Now with more Meta!
Metafilter: Now with more Meta!
MetaFilter: Inaccessible to the overwhelming minority of users.
MetaFilter: Heap of completely remarkable references.
MetaFilter: The idea might refer to the Tiahuanaco's peaceful mission among the distant warrior cultures of Peru. According to the legend, however, evil people in short clothes came to the sacred lake and forced Viracocha to leave to north. On his departure they mocked and taunted him for his long robe and lenient disposition. Eventually, he had descended from the highlands to the coast and left over the ocean, promising to return some day.
MetaFilter: I Differ From You Politically, Thus Your Dead Wife is Fair Game for Ridicule
MetaFilter: This Ends Here
Metafilter: where links come to get clicked
Metafilter: Say My Name, Bitch!
Metafilter: Jesus H. Christ in a Chicken Basket.
MetaFilter: Googling riviera a handful of times in the past six months
MetaFilter: You stupid hicks! Why didn't you tell me you don't like classical music!?
Metafilter: Hello
MetaFilter: Googling WarBaby to Further a Vendetta, but Chastising Others for Same (Actually I Eat Tapes signed it, sealed it, and delivered it best)
Metafilter: My god, it's full of retards
MetaFilter: Please punctuate interrobang.
Metafilter: They made me change my tagline.
MetaFilter: Come for our links, stay for our trolls!
MetaFilter: Shitcock
MetaFilter: CFQuery Error "cf_Tagline"
Metafilter: It must be raining outside.
Metafilter: beyond the fourth Standard Deviation
Metafilter: Like a text Goatse.
Metafilter: Double the posts and half the double posts
MetaFilter: When you expose an Internet sex hoax, there are going to be consequences.
Metafilter: URLegant
Metafilter: httpeeved
Metafilter: I'm just sitting here hitting refresh
Metafilter: i bet tomorrows post all suck shit.
MetaFilter: The bar is already set pretty low.
Metafilter: Thanks for messing with my mind, fucktards.
MetaFilter: Sucking the Corporate Cock" yet? If not, people are clearly falling down on the job.
Metafilter: Sucking the Corporate Cock. ("O Absalom, Absalom!")
Metafilter: Promoting tolerance unless you're talking about something we think is stupid, dammit.
MetaFilter: I laughed. I cried. It was better than a hundred guys coming on my face. I'll do it again and again.
Metafilter: This answer, does it illuminate?
MetaFilter: It makes me crazy!
Metafilter: Thanks for being fun and not at all creepy!
Metafilter: "On second thought, I think I'll just wipe the server of everything referring to the post"
Metafilter: harshin' my mellow ; >
MetaFilter: Something more than an infantile masturbatory impulse.
Metafilter: no good can come of a thread like this
Metafilter: caffiene is my puss--great username!
Metafilter: It's a big ball of problems apart from one user with question marks.
Metafilter: In hindsight, I should have posted this under a different account.
Metafilter: Consider that you are mixing up being smart with being 'geeky'.
Metafilter: I Eat I EAT TAPES
Metafilter: ...
Metafilter: Were my impulse control as strong as my self-regard, it would be a better place.
MetaFilter: Like MSN Filter, but with more "eta" and less "SN."
MetaFilter: I feel like a bit of a dope now :)
MetaFilter: Not even in its own spell-checker
Metafilter: This is why we can't have nice things
Metafilter: Drubk posting is cool.
Metafilter: Roger Me Insensible [cite]
Metafilter: I'm just sayin'
MetaFilter: I’ve seen my pussy take down many a big dog.
MetaFilter: When you MetaFilter, you make a Meta out of Phil and Ter.
Metafilter: Just happened. Could be a gas line - at this point, no one knows.
Metafilter: Just happened. Could be a gas line - at this point, no one knows.
MetaFilter: Threads never develop as hoped.
Metafilter: [!]
MetaFilter: August 19, 2005
MetaFilter: Something more than an infantile masturbatory impulse.
Metafilter: No good can come of a thread like this.
MetaFilter: Flag it and move on...
Metafilter: It's a big ball of problems apart from one user with question marks.
Metafilter: This post, it vibrates?
Metafilter: In hindsight, I should have posted this under a different account.
Metafilter: Consider that you are mixing up being smart with being 'geeky'.
Metafilter: I Eat I EAT TAPES
Metafilter: ...
Metafilter: Were my impulse control as strong as my self-regard, it would be a better place.
MetaFilter: Like MSN Filter, but with more "eta" and less "SN."
MetaFilter: I feel like a bit of a dope now :)
MetaFilter: Not even in its own spell-checker
Metafilter: This is why we can't have nice things
Metafilter: Drubk posting is cool.
Metafilter: Ultra-focused on pixelate(d) titties.
Metafilter: useless without computer-generated polygon-genitalia pics!
Metafilter: Your horny puppy notwithstanding
MetaFilter: like fucking a wet Wilford Brimley!
Metafilter: Go eat a bucket full of cocks.
MetaFilter: I don't know what I'd do without that mesmerizing backside.
Metafilter: I'd be getting my shit packed about now. ; >
Metafilter: Wait, I don't understand anymore.
Metafilter: self-validation through minutiae.
MetaFilter: Nobody gets laid, and people are dying to get their periods.
MetaFilter: The (half)vastness of history.
MetaFilter: Repeating ourselves since junir high (or at least gramschmidt is).
MetaFilter: The one that made me spit out my soda.
MetaFilter: Nope, never. There are always more.
MetaFilter: it's when something's been closed, and you still have a textarea open to it.
MetaFilter: If you haven't noticed all the other posts actually lead to some content worth reading and talking about, I don't know what to tell you.
MetaFilter: I feel like a bit of a dope now :)
MetaFilter: a. reasonably interesting and b. well supported with lots of links
MetaFilter: Because this is the only thing on MetaTalk Matt hasn't closed.
MetaFilter: made from found items.
MetaFilter: hilarious and sometimes tragic results.
MetaFilter: Hilarious, in a morbid sort of way.
MetaFilter: pulls a John Stewart.
MetaFilter: Masters of Deception
MetaFilter: No mere slap on the wrist
MetaFilter: a little like Nebuchadnezzar, a little like Antiochus Epiphanes, a little like Nero or Diocletian, and a little like Victor von Doom.
MetaFilter: you're a frikkin' pansy.
MetaFilter: HELP!
MetaFilter: Can't
MetaFilter: Stop!
Metafilter: Not to derail, but...
Metafilter: The Golden Age ended the day before you joined.
Metafilter: Bea Arthur is teh HOTT!!!
MetaFilter: There had to have been a better way of making the point than that.
Metafilter: A further ironic statement parodying the notion that earnestness can ever possibly be achieved in contemporary society.
Metafilter: words.
Metafilter: As if there's a single can of genuine whoop-ass in this House of Geek
Metafilter: The trick is not thinking so hard
Metafilter: Please don't feel the trolls.
Metafilter: tagline reply] It stays that way by having standards, and a strong hand or two on the rudder. Obviously, enduring the usual snarky banter is part of the deal, and part of the fun. Insults, polemics, and sarcasm can be valuable seasoning for reasoned debate. Threats of physical harm cannot, even if they are registered in insulting, polemical, or sarcastic tones. That way lies trouble and oppression. There's a very bright line, sections of which are enshrined in law, and others in longstanding conventions for civil discourse here and in general, that is simply not hard to see. The point of the "book" I wrote in the presidential thread was that observing this line makes us more rather than less free. We don't need to parse rules like "no physical threats" too finely. They are self-evident.
MetaFilter: sifting through large volumes of data looking for something of interest.
Metafilter: I posted a smartass answer in this thread.
Metafilter: it's possible my sense of humor is too dry for many.
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world
metafilter: I am clearly far, far more of an attention whore.
Metafilter: We Eat Our Own.
Metafilter: Please go and talk to you cat.
MetaFilter: keeping those tired old memetic emetics fresh and steaming for the next generation.
MetaFilter: I don't understand: who are we trying to ban today?
MetaFilter: slinging out blind generalizations about a community you've little or no participation in.
MetaFilter: We Are Happy To Serve You.
Metafilter: Come for the pretty links and fun, stay for the bitch garden!
Metafilter: Shhhhh! First thing you know, I'm the New Orleans Harriet Tubman.
MetaFilter: seems genuinely indignant
MetaFilter: Not worth bothering, ultimately, I guess.
Metafilter: Will make you ten minutes dumber for each five you spend reading.
Metafilter: you can't alter the quote in order to make a tagline, it has to remain intact.
Metafilter: Gas pri
MetaFilter: I didn't bother reading the first 95% of this thread, but ...
MetaFilter: Comparing the right wing to rapists
MetaFilter: Toning down the rhetoric to keep this site sane.
Metafilter: Obviously We All Agree
Metafilter: This is not academia. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over it.
MetaFilter: It's like Springer™ only with bigger words!
MetaFilter: amazing postmodern deconstructive whizz-bang presentation.
Metafilter: Whatever, commence with the pile on.
MetaFilter: while you ponder these oh so weighty questions they sit and suffer
MetaFilter: get a life and get to work on something that matters
MetaFilter: Assume every link is NSFW.
Metafilter: I totally don't know what I'm talking about.
Metafilter: Tagline in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . .
MetaFilter: People should shut the fuck up.
Metafilter: this undignified pissing match
Metafilter: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to enjoy some milk and swastikookies.
MetaFilter: So, now what?
Metafilter: really mean, but really funny
Metafilter: Elevating the Bitchslap to the level of Compassionate Cruelty.
Metafilter: the only thing separating us from the animals
Metafilter:" tagline creation commence.
Metafilter:" tagline creation commence.
MetaFilter: I mean, compared to him, you're practically Richard Simmons.
MetaFilter: That arrogance? You're soaking in it!
Metafilter: a moratorium on dickishness.
MetaFilter: Yer an idiot, No, your an idiot, No, you'er an idiot. No, u.r. an idiot. No, urine idiot. No, urea idiot.
Metafilter: who could possibly 1 of 10 site visitor's who wasn't somehow associated with the site
MetaFilter: subtle link spam at work
MetaFilter: Just to be clear, I don't want you to die.
MetaFilter: The jaunty dab at the top of the coilpile.
MetaFilter: It's Like Being Handed a Mint At The Gates of Hell.
MetaFilter: it's just that that joke never gets old.
Metafilter: What, are you too dumb to evaluate sources?
Metafilter: making a tag line out of every single line etc,
MetaFilter: "There must be a pony in here somewhere!"
Metafilter: I do
Metafilter: It's all about our water and our hurricanes and our invasions.
Metafilter: Ike the what your doing in Iraq.
Metafilter: I know. I know. it's another meta tag line. leave me alone. I never do them.
Metafilter: so-good-you-punched-your-mother-in-the-face
Metafilter: "Strange Superlaxative"
Metafilter: posted by racist dunk-tank clown at ...
Metafilter: Arguments of dubious value.
Metafilter: So good you'll punch Todd Lokken in the face. Todd Lokken.
MetaFilter: Baby I love you like I love my dick size
Metafilter: Todd Lokken."
MetaFilter: Baby I love you like I love my dick size
MetaFilter: FWEET!
MetaFilter: You Know What
MetaFilter: trolls and idiots running rampant through every damn thread!
Metafilter: The Best of the Web.
Metafilter: st.
MetaFilter: The snark used to be a flavoring, now it's the main dish.
MetaFilter: Suck it, haters.
Metafilter: it was bigger in preview.
MetaFilter: This is exactly why I hate all of you.
Metafilter: Try not to take it too personally
Metafilter: Dying to burn a newbie
Metafilter: Not if you like getting attacked by bees.
Metafilter: Love it or leave it just ignore all the parts of it you don't love.
MetaFilter: like getting attacked by bees
Metafilter: Kept alive by the feeding tube of snark.
Metafilter: Sorry. I hate the taglines, too.
MetaFilter: Most of the Web! Filter it yourself."
Metafilter: SUXX0r5 n3WZF1L73r!!!
Metafilter: Sorry, I meant the parking lot.
Metafilter: administrator hope me for great justice!
Metafilter: Who's Alex Reynolds and why does Rothko care?
MetaFilter: just another such self-perpetuating panopticon of one-way mirrors and the opiate smoke of self-congratulation... lay[ing] down and open[ing] all orifices to the well-greased PepsiBlue bottles of the arbiters of dialectic fashion
Metafilter: "Who's mas..."
MetaFilter: The server just rubbed one out and is cleaning up in the sink.
MetaFilter: I was out to lunch and couldn't restart till I got back.
MetaFilter: "doesn't approve of torture" = "leftist"
Metafilter: You are quite free to disagree if you don't mind the title of "fuckwit" that comes with it.
Metafilter: Can I have my 5 bucks back now please?
MetaFilter: Hypocrite HQ
MetaFilter: I might as well be commenting on Fark
Metafilter: Don't be a dick, Alex.
MetaFilter: nothing more than regurgitation of facts that could probably be gained much better elsewhere on the internet
Metafilter: bitching about the same old shit
Metafilter: This is the apology thread, make of it what you will.
Metafilter: Opposite of King-Of-The-Shitpile?
Metafilter: Goddammit, just get your own blog already.
Metafilter: Let's define our terms you predictable Zionist prick.
Metafilter: The world's most pressing human rights issue.
MetaFilter: You just don't get it, do you?
MetaFilter: A Competition of Assholes.
MetaFilter: A Competition of Assholes.
Metafilter: When exactly was the last FPP here that was critical of Israeli Zionism?
metafilter: stupid unfunny tagline etc
metafilter: stupid unfunny tagline etc
Metafilter: stupid unfunny tagline etc
Metafilter: It might be best if you don't make that post.
MetaFilter: Stubborn and crazy, but with a soft juicy centre.
MetaFilter: your problem, not mine
MetaFilter: strangely tasty?
MetaFilter: We should all knock it off
Metafilter: Go flag yourself
MetaFilter: I'm far enough away to not get hit.
MetaFilter: I'm far enough away to not get hit is very appropriate and made me laugh. Nice one loquacious.
Metafilter: Did i ever mention how much I hate spelling and proofreading?
MetaFilter: Entirely unnecessary, although it will surely be entertaining.
Metafilter: Suck it haters, try finding that with your precious Google!
Metafilter: *wriggles excitedly, pees self*
MetaFilter: we should have sex
metafilter: i have not read the comments nor do i want to
Metafilter: Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx.
Metafilter: what a pain in the ass it must be at times...
Metafilter: Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx.
Metafilter: people saying the same things over and over again and a whole lot of off-topic blather
Metafilter: I fail to see how you could have misread that comment so blatantly.
MetaFilter: It's like a filibuster of crap.)
Metafilter: Boing-Boing you ho, you wanna do somethin' about it?
Metafilter: exaggerated to the point that it makes no point.
Metafilter: Multiplayer Notepad.
Metafilter: it we outlaw dildos, only dildos will have outlaws.
Metafilter: Never go on the defensive when you can go apeshit instead.
Metafilter: Now, where did I put that BUCKET OF COCKS?!
Metafilter: Logs go nuts.
Metafilter: Nuts, Logs, we've got it all.
Metafilter: I defy anyone to tell me something that's not okay with horse sodomy videos.
Metafilter: Was all the axe-grinding in this thread really necessary?
MetaFilter: Sorry I was kind of reactionary there.
Metafilter: Righteously Clenched
MetaFilter: LOL fuck you in the eye
MetaFilter: Gentleman's Club? Gently, man clubbed.
MetaFilter: the whole thing is rather moot.
MetaFilter: the actual whorehouse website.
MetaFilter: This place is about to be raped.
MetaFilter: teh
Metafilter: doesn't even resolve anymore.
MetaFilter: Stupid, pointless pictures.")
MetaFilter: [insert some rather trite but puke inducing phrase or whacked out bullshit- here].'
Metafilter: insert some rather trite but puke-inducing phrase or whacked-out bullshit here.
MetaFilter: This place is about to be raped. - Godbert
MetaFilter: Maybe it's about time to stomp all over people.
Metafilter: Somebody rub mathowie's shoulders
Metafilter: Thanks for making this thread about my vagina
MetaFilter: a big ugly string of alphanumerics and such
MetaFilter: A wank, showing how l33t you are.
metafilter: people who are devoid of humour can join in with the group and do little more than repeat the phrases
MetaFilter: the guidelines say "discussion etc, etc, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, discussion, etc"
Metafilter: XXXX" jokes, despite how many of them are bad. Which leads to:
Metafilter: if we banned people for making the same stupid jokes over and over, we'd have to ban most everyone
Metafilter: [look at me im so lame so i'll reiterate someone else's prior comment and appropriate it into an unimatinative tagline right here]"
Metafilter:" thing far more annoying than the overlords thing.
Metafilter: you can be a twat about that if you want, overlords.
Metafilter:" thing far more annoying than the overlords thing
Metafilter: blah blah blah" interesting or funny at all. I just don't why something which has been posted a hundred times before is funny or clever. Don't people realize cliches are tedious to read?
Metafilter: GOD I HATE THAT!
Metafilter: [tagline]."
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.
Metafilter: Spit in your mother's face.
MetaFilter: Gimme My Fucking Pony!
Metafilter: Thanks for finally getting off your fat ass and getting me the pony I demanded months ago, but now I want a Palomino instead of the black one; could you suck any worse you bullshit pusher?!
Metafilter: unlike you i was not banned from the place for being such a long winded douche bag
Metafilter: Sloppy rhetoric or shrill whining?
MetaFilter: WTF is going on here? Does anyone know? Seriously.
Metafilter: Sloppy rhetoric or shrill whining?
Metafilter: achieving the posture of an Atlantic or Harper's.
MetaFilter: bottomless, unquenchable curiosity about the world.
Metafilter: smart, avid, leanly written
Metafilter: likably lefty
MetaFilter: No votes. Just snark.
metafilter: jonmc's thorax is hella hawt!
Metafilter: I am wasting my time, obviously.
MetaFilter: big balled demonstration of minimal brains
MetaFilter: Ejaculating Anywhere But Into The Trash Can
Metafilter: The Home Game". And is SchweppsGirl on the list or not? How about Carlos what's his name? Are we shocked by a user running multiple accounts only when it's not common knowledge?
Metafilter:$5 Bob!bies,
Metafilter: Agitated Vegan Haggis
metafilter: Try to digging deeper.
Metafilter: little islands of nerds all clutching their bunches of flowers and books of love poetry in Klingon.
Metafilter: I think I am far more correct
Metafilter: a "bottomless, unquenchable curiosity about the world."
Metafilter: Refreshing, like a pug and honey smoothie
Metafilter: We are all potential trolls. It's just a question of free time.
MetaFilter: Having to actually mouseover to find out is just too strenuous.
MetaFilter: Shwacking the taglines entirely
Metafilter: i heard davy was a cock-muppet
Metafilter: cocks dicks shit fuck nippletits!"
Metafilter: cocks dicks shit fuck nippletits!'"FIN"
Metafilter: i raped your wife btw
Metafilter: Projects is a project that I would vote for. Now I just have to decide which part of my life to abandon in order to provide the necessary amount of free time to read Metafilter, Ask Metafilter, MetaTalk and Projects every day.
Metafilter: lifting their unfortunate peers out of the throes of stupidity
Metafilter: Hold the mushrooms.
metafilter: x" joke). All in all a fairly vanilla affair. What the heck is the/your problem?
MetaFilter: bigger, stronger geeks
Metafilter: We're snarky even when we're not drunk!
Metafilter: Spamming random bitch notes.
MetaFilter: Plotting The Slow, Painful Death of People Who Keep Posting Stupid Taglines.
Metafilter: I'd like to introduce a policy of introducing no more policies.
MetaFilter: An Endless Litany of Taglines...
MetaFilter: People Who Keep Posting
Metafilter: and by extension, the world
Metafilter: It's like adding a laser to Tetris.
Metafilter: a weekly short writing contest every Friday.
Metafilter: Because I'm bored
Metafilter: Taglines are stupid and annoying
Metafilter: What do YOU think is stupid and annoying?
Metafilter: What YOU think is stupid and annoying.
Metafilter: Taglines are stupid and annoying
Metafilter: We all see that cheer tag coming, don't even think about it.
MetaFilter: Never insert your opinion anywhere there's a chance it could get stuck.
Metafilter: .
Metafilter: Where if you say you are bored, domeone posts about masterbation.
Metafilter: don't post to metatalk just becausw domeone's bored.
Metafilter: taking the Browns to the Superbowl.
Metafilter: said by Ibn Khallikan (13th century biographer) to have been seized by an invisible monster in broad daylight and devoured horribly before a large number of fright-frozen witnesses.
Metafilter: What do YOU think is stupid and annoying?
Metafilter: Maybe we should get you a little badge and hat.
MetaFilter: 26,000 dip-sticks imploding
metafilter: anything phallic of mine would've blocked the entire shot out the entire sun
Metafilter: a routine that involves hanging 45 pounds of weight from [our] members for up to seven hours at a time
Metafilter: This thread makes me hate every motherfucking one you
Metafilter: the cocktail party from hell. Well, someone had to do it!
MetaFilter: I feel a Venn diagram coming on.
Metafilter: At last, business is entered by heavy artillery.
Metafilter: someone suggesting that a bare, AIDS-infected penis be rammed into rectum repeatedly as some sort of punishment for my political views.
Metafilter: Common Fucking Courtesy.
Metafilter: Look at me when I'm helping you!
Metafilter: hundreds of innocent bystanders will be drenched in the misty remnants of your head.
MetaFilter: poop via poop posted by poop
MetaFilter: the user name and user id are posted to a MetaFilter page; the
MetaFilter: but at least you know it's me
Metafilter: You can drop the act.
Metafilter: Nailing everyone to trees.
Metafilter: <img src="http://goat...
MetaFilter: It breaks my mind.
MetaFilter: Mushroom! Mushroom!
Metafilter: (insert quip here)" 's from the site that are found in so many posts.
MetaFilter: particularly out of context
MetaFilter: there's no ejaculation involved
Metafilter:Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure
MetaFilter: It's completely sphincter operated!
MetaFilter: Uncomfortable but highly entertaining.
MetaFilter: You can also just put it on your mantle piece and call it modern art.
MetaFilter: My employer has to tolerate it in the workplace.
MetaFilter: I tried to post this before, but JRun ate it.
MetaFilter: Stimulating the male G-spot.
MetaFilter: loading Java applet" would simulate the experience quite well.
MetaFilter: hottt with three t's
Metafilter: You know what someone more clever than me should do?
Metafilter: Dressed up in an artistic sausage casing.
MetaFilter: I Retract My Snark
Metafilter: Take it from one of the little guys.
Metafilter: No bullshit goes unchallenged, and something reasonable usually comes out in the wash.
Metafilter: taglines, because it's "cool".
Metafilter: taglines just because it's "cool".
Metafilter: Thanks for the exposure!
metafilter: you're not special, you clique of moderatists
MetaFilter: Somebody quote me
Metafilter: get your joke in and still contribute something useful.
Metafilter: now with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Metafilter: A large colony of ass-cooties.
Metafilter: fucking wants his head buried in sand, and wants the sand supplied as well.
Metafilter:" .
MetaFilter: subject', 'I for one welcome our ... subject', etc. comments?
MetaFilter: Bamboozling the Laity with Fart Dust and a Sprinkle of Latin!
Metafilter: I'm a genetic dissenter.
metafilter: the polaroids have booze all over them
Metafilter: mob rule and groupthink since 1999
Metafilter: foo bar baz faz" and rendres it into the logo randomly on the fly?
metafilter: You've been naughty, so here's the scoop: all you get for christmas is reindeer poop.
metafilter: perhaps we could get some clarification, or fixing of the rules.
Metafilter: Sweet Jesus doesn’t know what he's talking about; God, take a step away from the computer for a few hours.
Metafilter: Jo jo jo ooo.
Metafilter: Jo jo jo ooo. I am the elephant.
MetaFilter: ZIP Code Jihad.
metafilter: the new black
Metafilter: Your OS sucks
Metafilter: now with a thousand quonsar and jonmc wannabes.
MetaFilter: a public meeting space that prides itself on civil, topical conversation
MetaFilter: Just because Jess closed the thread before I could reply doesn't mean that the point didn't need to be made.
Metafilter: stupid in-joke jackassery by people who have no self-control
Metafilter: I think crunchland has a good point
Metafilter: snrrgghhx... huh?
Metafilter: WAND! (We Are Not Doctors!) Read any medical self-treatment threads and follow their recommendations at your own risk! (IANAL)
Metafilter: playing a game of "gotcha!"
Metafilter: It's all matt's fault
Metafilter: A parallel universe where a parallel me gives a shit what a parallel you thinks
Metafilter: A parallel universe where a parallel me gives a shit what a parallel you thinks
Metafilter: For the 50 millionth nippleclamping time.
Metafilter: You're kinda missing the point.
Metafilter: Shoot me now.
Metafilter: Ask Mr. T
Metafilter: I have no idea, ask Prince.
Metafilter: it was amberglow by a huge margin.
Metafilter: I had better to to bed now.
Metafilter: a herpetic sore on the lip of Metafilter
MetaFilter: Kloppen kop on vant.
Metafilter: pissed and slightly baffled
Metafilter: Five-Dollar Whore
Metafilter: Too Cool for Me
Metafilter: No Blogrrls allowed
MetaFilter: Quit promoting your experience as if it means anything to me" but I can't remember and can't read thru all the old MeTas and am afraid to ask. Finding tags on AskMe, well, there's a link that says "all tags used to date" but then it leads to the top 150 and I don't want to ask because I'll get slapped down for not reading the MeTa post from 3 weeks ago that explained why this is. "Read the Wiki!" seems to be a common response, but for god's sake, the Wiki isn't even a PART of the site! Why isn't there a FAQ right here, easily accessible? (And now I can't even find a link to it from the blue so there's that).
Metafilter: big flaming admin logos
Metafilter: A lot of really clever assholes (to overcome)" tagline. Because people with nothing to say love beating that horse to death too.)
MetaFilter: People with nothing to say and who love beating that horse to death too
MetaFilter: Yellow auto repair cartoon guy
Metafilter: I, for one, welcome our new _____Filter overlords.
MetaFilter: Don't get bogged down with the crap.
MetaFilter: Tip of the Hat to Timecube Dude. Wag of the Finger to UFO Dude.
Metafilter: Must-See HTTP
Metafilter: Better than Yahoo comment boards.
Metafilter: Fathoms of snark.
Metafilter: I'm not precisely sure what you're referring to, so I'll just blather on a bit about something related, perhaps, because I'm all coffeed up.
Metafilter: we're just shumcks on the internet
MetaFilter: I don't think the admins suck too much.
MetaFilter: test (9) apple (5) cars (4) networking (4) accounting (3) baby (3) diy (3) gifts (3) hacks (3) music (3)
MetaFilter: Self-policed by jack-booted thugs
MetaFilter: It's not just an adventure - it's a job! Be everyone you can be! A roster of 1000, an army of 1.
metafilter: there's not really a place for it here
MetaFilter: GET the LIFE!
MetaFilter: Sorta web2.0 porn.
Metafilter: get aids and die. tia
MetaFilter: We'll Tell You What To Think.
MetaFilter: a cage full of starving Rottweilers and indignant vegetarians
Metafilter: your only joy will be the sweet release of death
Metafilter: None. Harm done by deleting it: potentially lots.
Metafilter: Remixed. Not as useful for this purpose as a clickthrough counter would be, to be sure, but better than nothing.
Metafilter: You're not fooling me, not with that username.
metafilter: don't tell mom about my tattoo
MetaFilter: Ignore Anything Having To Do With Rothko.
MetaFilter: monkey spankage!
MetaFilter: monkey spankage!
metafilter: a handful of assholes and a bucket of cocks
metafilter: a handful of assholes and a bucket of cocks
MetaFilter: self-policing dios-policed since 2006.
Metafilter: BAD!
MetaFilter: a fucking tuna sal(a)d potluck dinner
Metafilter: Oh and stop fucking whining already, you fucking whiner.
Metafilter: Fuck you all very much.
MetaFilter: I'd like to strangle you and then shit in your lifeless mouth
MetaFilter: The "P" in your pepper.
Metafilter: It could be a porn-bot.
MetaFilter: Everybody gets a jagged glass dildo.
Metafilter:" in front of that.
MetaFilter: The gift that keeps on giving I hate you and your agenda.
MetaFilter: If it's dios, we'll bitch about it.
MetaFIlter: I can't believe I'm talking to you.
Metafilter: an exclusive club of tired old snarkmongers" in-joke reference "...
Metafilter: Free to those who can afford it. Prohibitively expensive to those who can't.
MetaFilter: theater, fad dances, old erotica, alcohol, and weird LP covers.
MetaFilter: As stupid as it appears.
Metafilter: None of us is as dumb as all of us.
Metafilter: We experienced the Second Coming.
Metafilter: 30 seconds of brilliant and then three additional minutes of shut the fuck up.
Metafilter: Order maintainance policing since 1999.
MetaFilter: I had this Interbutt thing figured out.
metafilter: not a laughing matter
MetaFilter: fuck those guys, and fuck him, too.
Metafilter: "Welcome to Metafilter!"
Metafilter: "Please enter your bio here:"
Metafilter: ". . . What? Are you okay?"
MetaFilter: BIG BUSTY BOOBS! (.)(.)
MetaFilter: a bunch of silly, angry potheads
MetaFilter: You deleted them? You DELETED them? Well I hope you are REAL proud of yourself. Think about what you just did.
MetaFilter: Just a slave to the whims of a miniscule minority.
MetaFilter: more addictive than pot.
MetaFilter: a miniscule minority of 20 something self-absorbed, potsmoking, divorce victim lackies
Metafilter: delete my account.
Metafilter: make sure your post includes at one question mark. It's not hard. You can do it.
MetaFilter: Fuck They!
Metafilter: I majored in Women's Studies so what do I know.
Metafilter: Pissed and Slightly Baffled
Metafilter: There's valuable gold in the poop they fling.
Metafilter: Now with Dots....
Metafilter: get your free beers for AA tokens!
MetaFilter:"xxxxxx" as well.
Metafilter: We're all just pretty much trying to help each other lead happy lives.
Metafilter: That's no well!
MetaFilter: Snarky, mean people- to a fault.
MetaFilter: lucky mucky fucking suckers from Kentucky with a plucky ducky coming in a trucky driven by a shmuck that struck a buck to the strains of Gluck and made it yucky
MetaFilter: an extra Wikipedia link tossed in to diddle the mods
Metafilter: a bunch of intolerant cunts that depress me every time i return to this shithole.
Metafilter: a bunch of intolerant cunts that depress me every time i return to this shithole.
Metafilter: a bunch of intolerant cunts that depress me every time i return to this shithole.
Metafilter: conform, or eat shit and die.
Metafilter: Ever vigilant belligerent.
MetaFilter: we should stop measuring our dicks.
metafilter: you will need PC and internet connection!
Metafilter: I think you've all made your point. Let's move on.
MetaFilter: A Slit-Like Introitus
metafilter: The Best of The Best of the Web
MetaFilter: Trying to institutionalize picayune pedantry.
MetaFilter: Some kind of devil's-advocate-cum-contrarian-object-lesson-type-thing.
MetaFilter: Unrealistic, pretentious and tiresome
Metafilter: A place to share "summary marks" of SCIENCE!
Metafilter: the thin blue line.
MetaFilter: Their restraint lost the ensuing battle with their enthusiasm.
Metafilter: quite nutritive
Metafilter: (I'm inserted in this area here in Brazil too)
MetaFilter: a warehouse for all your fear.
MetaFilter: a Skinnerian black box
MetaFilter: this is not what MetaFilter is for
Metafilter: built on an indian burial ground.
Metafilter: No, I'M the republican here!
Metafilter: let's all play Who Wants To Be Banned
Metafilter: Bail out now before the bad spirits get you.
MetaFilter: we stick your name in a hate.
MetaFilter: a recurring problem here at Metafilter.
MetaFilter: Couldn't I just whine like a little schoolgirl due for a spanking a little more?
MetaFilter: a recurring problem here at Metafilter.
Metafilter: shonk-tastic interfaces (command-line or "web") and a monthly fee.
Metafilter: ask for the 'happy ending'.
MetaFilter: From 'have a nice day' to 'motherfucker' with no points inbetween.
Metafilter: from 'have a nice day' to 'motherfucker' with no points in between
Metafilter: The Movie I'm totally going to portray Mathowie as sitting on a giant bag with $ on it, or $$ instead of eyeballs, sitting on a recumbent bike.
Metafilter: The Album, though don't quote me on that.
Metafilter: The Album"
Metafilter: The Musical.
MetaFilter: The Album--I've been working on a project of which you ought to be a part.
Metafilter: If this were a plane, we'd all be dead. It's that serious.
metafilter: The Next Generation?
MetaFilter: I certainly did not flag that crap as fantastic.
Metafilter: All in the Family
MetaFilter: No! We insist you leave it broken!
MetaFilter: Bullshit.
MetaFilter: I am so fat and my posts suck.
Metafilter: (remember dios?)
Metafilter: dios, don't be a dick about it.
Metafilter: Assume it lost all of its normal functioning years ago.
MetaFilter: It's like Twin Peaks, only crazy!
Metafilter: bring back the enormous cock please
Metafilter: The campfire that kindles our adolescent need for perverse mixtures of explosives, fire, falling off of things, pain, pancakes, and misconceptions about girls and sex. Sometimes people piss on the fire, but we're older now, and we don't need no stinkin' Scout Leader scrambling out after us like some kind of rabid, drunken badger tearing through a wet paper bag. Better to sleep through the stink, and be wiser in the morning. With apologies to loquacious.
MetaFilter: Better to sleep through the stink, and be wiser in the morning.
MetaFilter: with apologies
Metafilter: Taking The Internet Too Seriously
metafilter: the unexamined implicit assumption
MetaFilter: titillating about angry librarians.
Metafilter: Spiders, searing fire, separation from feeling, snakes, sodomy, eon after eon.
Metafilter: giggles, sound of men running in sandles
Metafilter: complain about dios and then whine about newsfilter and it'll push this horrid and offensive abortion down the list"
Metafilter: god damn, I gotsta propogate this shit.
Metafilter: Folks paying Matt to work.
MetaFilter: "omg I'm so awesome!"
MetaFilter: midget commies.
Metafilter: It's not about the sex!
Metafilter: where's my five nines?
Metafilter: [no answer]
Metafilter: "$5.00."
MetaFilter: Why on earth would a bunch of people get together and conspire to post all this inane goblitygook?
MetaFilter: Why on earth would a bunch of people get together and conspire to post all this inane goblitygook?"
MetaFilter: Why on earth would a bunch of people get together and conspire to post all this inane goblitygook gobbledygook?
MetaFilter: I would greatly appreciate a break from that crap.
Metafilter: Almost instantly taglined witty remark.
Metafilter: Separating the wheatish skin-tones from the chaff.
MetaFilter: The site typifies the worst of things.
MetaFilter: Would probably work OK.
MetaFilter: A forum to work out our intra-community issues.
MetaFilter: At least 31 people gave a shit.
MetaFilter: Make it rather long.
Metafilter: It's a festering cesspool.
Metafilter: you're totally high
MetaFilter: Weird Dios Fetishism.
Metafilter: the lesbian asking the question is a girl
Metafilter: Accessory before the fact.
Metafilter: Canada is mad at me.
Metafilter: Music from Quonsar's pants"
Metafilter: the Heroic Saga of the commons.
MetaFilter: Respectful Discussions".
Metafilter: Fuck tolerance
Metafilter: even the jokes have teeth.
Metafilter: Don't hate be because I'm younger, prettier, and richer than you; hate me because you love to hate.
MetaFilter: you're an asshole. stop posting things because you don't have anything worthwhile to say.
Metafilter: the overwhelming din caused by all the clucking tongues.
MetaFilter: the most awesome fat kid square dance rant I have ever seen.
Metafilter: Fustian
MetaFilter: The fustian ornament of somewhat spirited talk.
Metafilter: at least two posts with the word "fustian."
Metafilter: When old timers come out of the wood work to deepthroat their own boots
MetaFilter: Fit of Angry
MetaFilter: Er, anger not angry
Metafilter: Sometimes I think folks here need to go find a friend or something.
Metafilter: honest, scholarly persuasion on a level playing field with cynical, hard-bitten toddlers just out of their cribs
Metafilter: "How mowglisambo got caught"
MetaFilter: I don't understand what is going on here.
Metafilter: Check for airborne pigs.
Metafilter: Blah blah blah I hate all of you blah blah blah derail derail derail.
MetaFilter: high school stoner bullshit
Metafilter: if you weren't stupid and lazy you probably could have answered your first question yourself.
Metafilter: A whole big bag of fuck yeah!
MetaFilter: The audience laughs and roars along as he mistakes side effect for malicious intent
metafilter: my above post parses like a Nigerian email
MetaFilter: Lovely people loving each other.
Metafilter: Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making.
metafilter: self-policing since 1999.
MetaFilter: the percentage of comments that suggest taglines
Metafilter: Bullshit. You're all crazy.
Metafilter: lol bush iz teh dum
MetaFilter: (*)'s
Metafilter: Flagged as Fantastic
Metafilter: You're wrong, I'm wrong, We're Wrong
MetaFilter: I get email all the time from irate magicians
MetaFilter: Good ol' fashioned freak-outs since 1999
MetaFilter: We Spit on Houdini's Grave.
Metafilter: the lamest and filthiest well of circlejerk geeksterbation.
Metafilter: a cliche that is pretty much guaranteed to derail any thread in which it's posted
Metafilter: You, sir, are clearly nuts.
MetaFilter: I | you.
Metafilter: I was slightly happier before I saw the PENIS being shoved into the CHICKEN.
Metafilter: I was slightly happier before I saw the PENIS being shoved into the CHICKEN.
Metafilter: Be a curmudgeonly old internet crank.
Metafilter: Rejecting theology, embracing evangelism.
Metafilter: Communal Weblog
Metafilter: Anonymous paid commenter wins.
Metafilter:" taglines found on Mefi. Let the customer decide.
MetaFilter: The Throbbing Cowboy."
Metafilter: Obvious tagline.
Metafilter: Unfiltered I will buy up all the copies I can find and hide them in the woods.
MetaFilter: It's like living in a really crappy city, where the water is brown and it rains every day. But you stay there because all your friends are there. One day someone's going to to realize the place is a piece of shit and move on. Eventually another city will take it's place. ... and Cleveland sucks too!
Metafilter: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
Metafilter: You're on crack.
MetaFilter: Because you have nothing better to do.
MetaFilter: I don't know why everyone is so hung up.
Metafilter: assuming good intent since since 1999. Was it a weak callout: Yes. Am I too sensitive: Yes. I still love you guys though.
MetaFilter: The guy doesn't sound like much of a catch.
metafilter: people making comments directed at other personalities instead of the post topic or issues surrounding it.
Metafilter: you who commented in that thread should review that thought or go lick a dogs ass till it bleeds, maybe both.
Metafilter: Masters of remote psychological diagnosis
Metafilter: Masters of remote psychological diagnosis
Metafilter: is it more about the poster getting an answer, or about people reading it for curiosity and trivial pursuit? If answers start dropping off then perhaps it will affect the latter, and fewer eyeballs on the page reduces the overall utility of the site, since casual browsers may have that perfect answer.
MetaFilter: The best of the web, so long as it can be viewed in under two minutes.
MetaFilter: The best of the web, so long as it can be viewed in under two minutes.
MetaFilter:blahblah thing really. That was the reason for my dumber comment).
Metafilter: Drooling idiots welcome! ;-P
Metafilter: It practically titters
MetaFilter: simply because of the petty and irrational self-righteous twattery of its detractors.
Metafilter: Jimbob and bugbread have it.
Metafilter: Icing on the shit cake.
MetaFilter: If you don't say it here, don't say it at all.
Metafilter: a bunch of nutters who are somehow watching every edit
MetaFilter: Strangers deriding strangers since 1999.
Metafilter: without needless drama, we'd all have to go back to pointless debates.
MetaFilter: Like a frantically googling layman with poor reasoning skills
MetaFilter: Then quonsar comes along and says something only he finds funny. Then EB comes along and takes seven paragraphs to state the obvious. Then languagehat comes along and congratulates EB on being an intellectual peer, so far above the chatty rabble. Then I say something about how my perception of many of you is that you need girl and/or boyfriends. Then monju_bosatsu comes along and says I don't defend dios, I just carry his water for him unto perpetuity. Someone will tell me I should eat a bag of cocks. And at the very, very end of this thread, which won't finish up completely until Monday afternoon, y2karl will come along and say something cryptic about a mefite who hasn't posted here since 2002. And all the while, dios will get his jollies reading all this shit through the weekend and thinking once again he's "won" mefi, because he's only capable of seeing this place in terms of warfare (how Lakoffian of me...).
Metafilter: Designed by God to be the Perfect Internet Forum". Unless by God you mean Matt, and by the perfect internet forum you mean not crashing most of the time. It's run by reasonable people with a limited amount of time on their hands.
MetaFilter: Mutant Gimpfuckings.
MetaFilter: respecting the work but loathing the presentation
Metafilter: Removed inline chickenfucking image
Metafilter: one big hipster pissing contest where oh fuck it.
Metafilter: Just a random person in a bad mood.
Metafilter: A bar full of drunk college professors and stoned garbagemen/flash animators arguing at full volume about Finnegan's Wake and classic King Crimson songs while they try and get in each others pants and not pay for the drinks
MetaFilter: Stupid shit lives on based on my whims.
Metafilter: I've unwittingly viewed the chickenfucking image
MetaFilter: altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movements, loss of awareness of your surroundings, mental confusion, and/or convulsions.
MetaFilter: a question about futures, tradesports, betting, gambling, prediction and markets". Could turn out a bit funny, but I think it's better than what we've got now. Questions don't need titles, and having them just causes problems.
MetaFilter: Like the inside of a hot dog.
MetaFilter: Made of various unsavory meats.
MetaFilter: Full of lips and assholes.
Metafilter: Doesn't make a lick of gaddamned sense, prepositionally speaking.
Metafilter: Where all the children are above average.
MetaFilter: You. Can't. Win.
Metafilter: The Summer of Snark has begun
Metafilter: The Summer of Snark has begun"
Metafilter: Based on our analysis of your posting semantics, we refute your claim to be 13 years old and demand you reveal your true identity. Are you my mommy?
Metafilter: Lets just be funny ok? Or smart or something. Lets just decide to do that.
MetaFilter: maybe you're just ignoring it.
MetaFilter: Apples to Apples
Metafilter: Yes, by all means this is entirely my fault. (mathowie)
MetaFilter: Generally not too stupid, is what I'm trying to get at.
Metafilter: slapped together and posted on the internet where everyone will love you for it.
MetaFilter: I'll wipe what you have and repost.
MetaFilter: You put certain topics on the table and this place becomes a puddle of drool, quite incapable of intelligence or civility. Christianity is one of those topics. Ann Coulter is another.
metafilter: 600 kinds of ass smells
Metafilter: your best option may be just shutting the fuck up
Metafilter: A bit of puritanical demogogery absent from actual meaning
Metafilter: Idiots who decided to shit in the thread
MetaFilter: Throbbing wangs of indignation.
Metafilter: Midgets fuc ohnevermind
Metafilter: hm, maybe you should get back to work then, huh?
Metafilter: For Kids!'
Metafilter: an abstract fable with a connect-the-dots moral
Metafilter: My opponents are extremists
MetaFilter: My cowrokers are X-streamists
Metafilter: hearing your orgasm all the way down here.
Metafilter: hearing your orgasm all the way down here.
metafilter: OMG You're a total idiot.
Metafilter: I once called a man out in MeTa, just to watch him flameout.
MetaFilter: All I called for was attention.
Metafilter: Why do some people think they have been on the internet longer than me? Are they crazy, or just misinformed?
Metafilter: The Manson Family was a community too.
Metafilter: in retrospect I probably should've waited.
MetaFilter: The where it's okay to editorialize in your posts.
Metafilter: The that's still around.
MetaFilter: 5 posts by puke & cry posts and 689 comments
Metafilter: No wonder all of us narcissistic a-list weblogers stopped frequenting this site years ago...
Metafilter: So practical that it eliminates thought.
Metafilter: HeisenFish.
Metafilter: The chicken fucking pic really topped it off.
MetaFilter: precious oozings.
MetaFilter: Odes to Deleted Crap
MetaFilter: no posts and 3 comments
metafilter: pre-emptively destroying its own fun
Metafilter: waiting on lawyering
Metafilter: teaching indiebass a new in-joke every time he stops by
Metafilter: at the beck and call of Lotto's boyfriend (yes, her boyfriend. BOYFRIEND!)
MetaFilter: a thin scum over fear
Metafilter: Fingers are also meat
Metafilter: fallacious arsedribble
metafilter: Religious oppression, any question that would ask for perceived incidents of "personal oppression" from a segment of the population is subtle hatemongering with the intention of inciting contention and propagating slander, libel and misinformation. This thread is dangerous and should be removed immediately.
MetaFilter: Directing thirsty souls to the Source of Living Water.
MetaFilter: Best of the Web, just not today.
Metafilter: You're not going to kill my dog.
Metafilter: Don't You Fucking Dare Include References To Wikipedia or YouTube Or I'll Fucking Cut The Shit Out Of You.
metafilter: Racist oppression, any question that would ask for derogatory jokes about a segment of the population is subtle hatemongering with the intention of inciting contention and propagating slander, libel and misinformation. This thread is dangerous and should be removed immediately.
Metafilter: ahead of that self-immolating guy in the banana suit.
Metafilter: They paved paradise and put up a snarking lot.
Metafilter: A very rough reflection of the degree of fame of a given dead person.
Metafilter: photographed by DaShiv : >
MetaFilter: Forum of America
MetaFilter: Best of the web
MetaFilter: no posts and no comments
Metafilter: It's pony time, asshole.
Metafilter: It makes me happy to know that my presence is so offensive to you.
Metafilter: Have fun eating each other alive, kids!
Metafilter: Suck it, (insert name here)!
Metafilter: Safe and civil.
Metafilter: Don the Asbestos.
MetaFilter: the hotline receiptionist is male
MetaFilter: We're All in This Together, With Decoder Rings
Metafilter: Our readers are hotter than Fleshbot's.
Metafilter: Our readers are hotter than Fleshbot's.
MetaFilter: We'll shoot down your "good feature" suggestions.
Metafilter: a fucking pre-kindergarden for schizophrenics
MetaFilter: Putting the Me in Meta since 1999.
Metafilter: malformed gentiles
Metafilter: malformed gentiles
Metafilter: some sort of uppity delicacy
Metafilter: Place is turning into a cesspool of understanding
MetaFilter: We're getting too old for this shit.
MetaFilter: Running our tools against each other.
MetaFilter: I cockslapped you with set theory before breakfast, punk. How's that feel?
Metafilter: A little performance art.
Metafilter: In the long run, we're all screed.
MetaFilter: Ask a bunch of strangers on the Internets...
MetaFilter: I thought it seemed kinda petty.
Metafilter: getting all Dworkin on your sleazy ass.
MetaFilter: Perhaps You'll Die.
Metafilter: denying people the choice/control of content
MetaFilter: no posts and 15 comments
Metafilter: I guess I really do have to search before asking
Metafilter: This feature sounds about as handy as side pockets on a toad's ass to me.
MetaFilter: Really bad for your girl parts.
Metafilter: Dios is being contrary
MetaFilter: It's the Toad's pockets.
MetaFIlter: Who the fuck knows.
Metafilter: churlish puling since 1198
Metafilter: Don't Ask Us For Shit.
Metafilter: the pure, Platonic essence of lame.
Metafilter: It's kind of like a mormon masturbating.
Metafilter: an 8th grade masturbatory orgy of douchebaggery
Metafilter: where you can post any sort of inane bullshit so long as it doesn't come off as remotely conservative.
MetaFilter: I'm pretty sure I share this vice.
Metafilter: Ascenders, descenders and dots in lower case.
MetaFilter: A collection point for enemies of the state.
MetaFilter: Fuck all you bitches
Metafilter: "Judging from some of the comments, you may be the only one that actually thinks"
MetaFilter: I think it's best to give people the benefit of the doubt, and- Hahahaha!... hah... heh... oh my.
Metafilter: Spurting cocks and anal snowballing.
Metafilter: Everybody's got 'That old lady is about to fall over' on their mind.
MetaFilter: McNasty Weblog
MetaFilter: how about a bunny fucking a balloon
MetaFilter: how about a bunny fucking a balloon
Metafilter: Afraid to post.
Metafilter: I don't think there's a set policy, in any case.
MetaFilter:" in front of that.
Metafilter: tagline"s. I don't think you can search for colons in google or yahoo.
Metafilter: Would some of you please just let it go?
MetaFilter: If you can read this you must be some kinda pinko metrosexual.
Metafilter: an anodized-neon lump of cocksled
MetaFilter: no posts and 10 comments
MetaFilter: The food here sucks--and wormsinmybraingetthemout ohgodkillmebeforeitaglineagain such small portions!
Metafilter: I claim this website in the name of The Queen of Spain!
Metafilter: We'll name your baby "If I had an Anus"
Metafilter: a cage with a pack of howling, slavering hyenas.
MetaFilter: Enterprise.
Metafilter: Expands body showing dominate.
Metafilter: Expand body showing dominate, and maybe some disgust in a frown.
MetaFilter: no posts and 2 comments
Metafilter: I like seeing my own comment after I write it.
MetaFilter: no posts and no comments
MetaFilter: Waits for Praise from the Cool Kids
Metafilter: In my defense, I'm an idiot.
metafilter: talking the piss out of quonsar
MetaFilter: 2 posts by xtian posts and 101 comments"
MetaFilter: no posts and 83 comments
Metafilter: Is there a server down prehaps ?
MetaFilter: no posts and 39 comments
MetaFilter: Helping THE TERRORI?TS ?teal ?amples of Varicella ?implex since 2001.
MetaFilter: ok i know you'll all think im paraoid
Metafilter: Try your best to spell words and use the shift key or we are going to give you a hard time about it.
Metafilter: Try your best to spell words and use the shift key or and we are going to give you a hard time about it anyway.
MetaFilter: Don't. Fuck. With. MetaFilter.
MetaFilter: You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!
Metafilter: I apologize for what I was thinking
Metafilter: you got caught by the hype, and it stings.
MetaFilter: those people either have the sorts of high-drama experience
metafilter: willingly making the ultimate Iraq
MetaFilter: In the reptile hose.
Metafilter: We couldn't hold all their angst.
Metafilter: "You make me want to go on a weekend-long cross-country bombing spree."
Metafilter: Stay in Canada and eat more ice and snow
Metafilter: Stay in Canada and eat more ice and snow.
Metafilter: Look through the thread and make sure that nobody has already posted your tagline.
Metafilter: whatever happened to the taglines? I sorta miss them.
Metafilter: Typing random shit into a little box.
Metafilter: I can't think of anything to say at the moment.
MetaFilter: I was out on a date last night. We drove into the woods and were, you know, getting intimate when we heard a scrabbling noise and got scared and drove back to the city as fast as we could. When we got out of the car we found a bloody hook still dangling from the doorhandle! Do I have a moral obligation to report this incident to the police??
MetaFilter: the website that time forgot.
MetaFilter: furries, frottage and American politics.
MetaFilter: I totally agree with some of you, and I think some of you are fucking idiots.
MetaFilter: mostly hormone posts
Metafilter: I'm sorry you said that, and I'll try to forget it as quickly as possible.
MetaFilter: Seriously debating a "anal sex only" rule.
Metafilter: Nothing but heartaches and "daddy didn't love me"
Metafilter: A lot lot lot of total douchebags when it comes to relationships
MetaFilter: persnickety little mopes
metafilter: and being supported by pissing elephants since 1999, but that would require more energy than I have right now.
Metafilter: Persons of Nuance
Metafilter: We're here for your amusement or trickery. Fuckers.
Metafilter: able and willing"
MetaFilter: We only do the hard questions.
Metafilter: a ball of unique snowflakes.
MetaFilter: I hope he dies of penis cancer.
metafilter: fucking your cockshit in the dickass
MetaFilter: It's like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry shaves his chest
metafilter: fucking your cockshit in the dickass since sometime in 1999
metafilter: you could just post a link to a txt file on your server.
Metafilter: many rich, nuanced and spittle-laced shouting matches.
Metafilter: the TV show.
Metafilter: the TV show.
MetaFilter: Yeah, I also had sex once and think that means about five
MetaFilter: This isn't a contest!
MetaFilter: Delete at will.
MetaFilter: no posts and no comments
Metafilter: IT'S ALIVE.
MetaFilter: we are, as a group, big drinkers.
Metafilter: I am frequently irritated by contributors here
Metafilter: Come for the racism, stay for the pancakes (now with special syrup)
Metafilter: We have lots of assholes on here, period.
Metafilter: you have been enlisted as it's army of retards
Metafilter:I find things irritating when people aren't as clever as they think they're being.
Metafilter: I know that I have a high level of intelligence...
Metafilter: the ideas guys
metafilter: it's serious business
Metafilter: tolerating boorish behaviour" is *not* a tag-line I'm expecting to see in this lifetime.
MetaFilter: The sooner you accept your impotence and defeat in this regard, the better.
Metafilter: Aiding and abetting criminals sanctioned by the moderators.
Metafilter: I deleted it without hesitation.
Metafilter: I guess we disagree then.
MetaFilter: 16 posts by Eideteker posts and 1064 comments
MetaFilter: More Vicious than Rape
Metafilter: What if it were Hitler's vagina?
Metafilter: What if it were Hitler's vagina?
Metafilter: Careersuicidewatch
Metafilter: it's all about jonmc
MetaFilter: takes all the bitchsnark away
MetaFilter: often sickly, and nearly always male.
MetaFilter: often sickly, and nearly always male.
MetaFilter: I fucked your mother.
MetaFilter: often sickly, and nearly always male.
MetaFilter: a boorish nerdgasm for its contributors and a lazy resource for uninspired college students
Metafilter: I don't care, and I don't care that you don't care, and further, even if I did care, I'd care less than you, even though we care enough to post in this thread about how we don't care.
MetaFilter: Why don't you actually read the fucking thread first?
Metafilter: this isn't the first time you've been accused of overmoderating and it won't be the last
MetaFilter: obviously they're trying to cause trouble...
Metafilter: I didn't cry or anything when he killed himself.
Metafilter:X tagline, declaring that they'd just shot coffee out of their nose (or hilarious variant), followed by, of course, the requisite clever play on [more inside], which keeps us all in stitches, every single time.
metafilter: i'm in ur lawn de-pantsing ur vibrating camera fish
MetaFilter:favorite == bookmark
Metafilter: place-switching your bushes.
Metafilter:X tagline, declaring that they'd just shot coffee out of their nose (or hilarious variant), followed by, of course, the requisite clever play on [more inside], which keeps us all in stitches, every single time.
MetaFilter: This is why democracy will never work.
Metafilter: This is what democracy not working looks like
Metafilter: the spider veins on my scrotum are normal for an old guy.
MetaFilter: I've been beating my wife for years and she's finally taken her revenge. Can anyone tell me how to take apart the garbage disposal in the sink and is it worth the trouble?"
MetaFilter: "malicious" folk such as myself aren't welcome.
MetaFilter: You must show pancakes in order to acquire identity.
MetaFilter: some joking around, as well as possibly some heated debate.")
Metafilter: At least use a sockpuppet.
Metafilter: pointlessly rude and patronising
Metafilter: some kind of Bizarro World where reality cannot penetrate your senses.
Metafilter: this is the worst example of whatever it is that I have ever seen.
MetaFilter: encourages the perpetuation of a REALLY tired, unfunny joke.
Metafilter:(.*)<br>". I slept while it ran for MeFi, but AskMe took like 6 hours, and MeTa a bit less. The deletion reasons crawl is currently running but I'm up to 4000 and not one reason, so I'm not sure whats going on. Mabye there is no reasons in early MeFi?
MetaFilter: encourages the perpetuation of a REALLY tired, unfunny joke.
metafilter: yes, many many many of them are unfunny
MetaFilter:" in front of them. Of course, they are not examples of the now-traditional gag (whereby a snippet of a previous comment is used as the tagline out of context), but rather actual attempts at coming up with new, funny taglines.
Metafilter: Come for the Askme, stay for the MeTalk.
metafilter:what do you think?
MetaFilter: more like a vigorous scratching of the ball sack
MetaFilter:s: Funny suggestion from a user named "signal," given that it's a pure advocation for noise.
MetaFilter: an excuse to say "Fuck you" to somebody
MetaFilter:s: Funny suggestion from a user named "signal," given that it's a pure advocation for noise."
Metafilter: Perfect for our ADD society.
MetaFilter: I don't think a lack of eloquence is the problem.
Metafilter: passive-aggressively whiny
MetaFilter: 92 posts by jonmc and 11760 comments
Metafilter: It didn't seem broke, and this doesn't seem to fix anything.
MetaFilter: open wide and plant the tip in the flapjack.
MetaFilter: mostly cliquish, classist wankery.
MetaFilter: mostly cliquish, classist wankery."
MetaFilter: ...
MetaFilter: asc()ing you whether you take it in the ord().
MetaFilter: My dorky glasses are bigger than yours since 1999.
MetaFilter: (get the husband to start sucking!)
MetaFilter: Helping Melody Joy Kramer write articles of dubious merit since 2004.
Metafilter: Members think highly of themselves.
Metafilter: I run a community web site which has lots of regular participants who think they somehow share ownership of the site just because they're willing to visit regularly. And some of them complain constantly about nearly everything I do. I'm fed up with the hassle; I'd have pitched the entire thing a lot time ago except that it's now how I earn my living.
Metafilter: Members think highly of themselves.
Metafilter: we can't know because we're on the freaking Internet
Metafilter: this is such made up bullshit
Metafilter: "I'm Having Sex With My Daughter's Boyfriend!"
Metafilter: a hassle to moderate.
Metafilter: The Best of the Web, no self-linking
Metafilter: Questions needing answers, no hypotheticals.
MetaFilter: drunk, high and about two minutes from having a nervous breakdown.
MetaFilter: packed with pompous pricks
MetaFilter: a community of autistic hall monitors
Metafilter: Questions needing answers, no hypotheticals.
MetaFilter: I'm giving folks a forum.
Metafilter:this tepid wonderland
Metafilter: this tepid wonderland
Metafilter: tepid wonderland?
Metafilter: Mincing About Like a Tart. I luv' it!
MetaFilter: even to the regions of the heart and brains.
Metafilter: rainbows and circumcisions
Metafilter: the vaseline-smeared lens of nostalgia
Metafilter: someone's always bitching.
MetaFilter: some kind of delicious internal Spoonerism
MetaFilter: Anal gate ugh.
Metafilter: Tame trifle
MetaFilter: I think this did wendell.
Metafilter: mojo magic to squish it into the sideblog
MetaFilter: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you
MetaFilter: I Think We're All Dicks On This Bus.
Metafilter:" get used? Or what user made the most comments on a day to day basis.
Metafilter: You People.
Metafilter: A Karate Chop to the Head.
Metafilter: wasting a tremendous amount of time here in the past few years.
Metafilter: Frankly I get bored by my own opinions sometimes.
Metafilter: just be prepared to learn some useless nerdy information while you're there.
MetaFilter: You're harshing everyone else's mellow.
MetaFilter: Abusing the community to make a joke.
Metafilter: all it took was scrolling down.
MetaFilter: Ever buy a sockpuppet?
MetaFilter: It's just a linkdump.
Metafilter: Quonsar has grasped the essence, here.
MetaFilter: You're an idiot. No, you're a bigot.
MetaFilter: "Why are you being intentionally obtuse?" "I have no idea what you mean."
Metafilter: No, I'm just moderately retarded.
Metafilter: so not racist
Metafilter: my girlfriend wants me to unleash my imminent torrent of lovesludge on her face but I don't know if my consistency will be what she desires... should I change my diet?
MetaFilter: Old starts at 37.
Metafilter: all vagina this and taste-me that
MetaFilter: "I will have no further words exchanged with you [234 more words]"
MetaFilter: I would have little claim to expect people to grasp some narrative to me.
MetaFilter: A resource to which we make next to no contributions.
MetaFilter: We're not a thought crime community.
MetaFilter: People are upset about the change.
Metafilter: Can't we all just relax and talk about someone else's genitals for a change?
Metafilter: a strong distaste for the intact male genitalia.
MetaFilter: Here comes the usual shit-storm!
Metafilter: Yet another totally erroneous factoid
Metafilter: snarks, jokes, voices of reason and pissed off moderators.
Metafilter: Mother Nature's Topiary
Metafilter: There are worms in my head-hole." made me spit tea all over my monitor.
MetaFilter: possibly the most horrifying thing I've ever read.
MetaFilter: starting to piss me off.
MetaFilter: Worms in my headhole!
Metafilter: a post barrage of glaring stupidity and drooling idiocy
Metafilter: oversensationalized, pointing to dubious sources. Mountains out of molehills.
metafilter: ever give yourself a pickle enema while you have a case of inflamed hemorrhoids?
Metafilter: a hideous vortex of deja vu
Metafilter: A long and storied hatred of the obese.
Metafilter: Steeped in shadenfruede.
Metafilter: A completely unnuanced attitude toward art.
MetaFilter: The Lost Souls Room - It's Death for the Dead
Metafilter: x" they've been wrong?
MetaFilter: You're petty and your post sucks.
MetaFilter: Like shagging your wife in the laundry room while shoving great fistfuls of popcorn in your maw.
MetaFilter: "10 or 15 people who tend towards asshole"
Metafilter: cut-rate, knee-jerk, jealous fucking monday-morning psychologists
Metafilter: brimming with pictures of my penis
Metafilter: A Darker Shade of Green
Metafilter: In a hypothetical battle for supremacy, who would win: obsessed with rape or obsessed with poo?
Metafilter: feeling refreshed and blissfully unaware of what you just read
Metafilter: badly-worded ambiguity that leads to poop jokes
MetaFilter: Not an octopus getting shoved up some girl's vagina.
MetaFilter: Somebody should complain to someone.
Metafilter: off on a hair-trigger and sounding like a dick
MetaFilter: get off your ergo office chairs and go do something with your day
MetaFilter: A Royal Society Meeting In The Late 17th Century
Metafilter: Apparently we're twice as interested in computers as we are in sex.
Metafilter: It'll be my first time and I just want everything to be perfect.
MetaFilter: Everyone knew it was me.
MetaFilter: Smack my bitch up.
MetaFilter: doing a fine job with the whole links thing.
metafilter: an exceedingly snarky community of users who alternate between being very excited about engaging posts and very catty about dull ones.
MetaFilter: debate that won't be settled here.
Metafilter: My birthday falls on the exact same day that I was born. It has haunted me throughout my entire life.
MetaFilter: a rag-tag crew of Kalashnikov-toting anti-Apple guerrilla fighters.
Metafilter: What on Dog's green earth would satisfy you bastards?
MetaFilter: the cuteness we'd like to defeat
Metafilter: FOR ME TO POOP ON!
MetaFilter: abrasive and somewhat plodding.
MetaFilter: ¡Un cubo de penes cada día!
MetaFilter: there is no specifically stated rule against picking one's nose during a discussion
MetaFilter: WE do NOT have average members
MetaFilter: lots of little side rules that are unclear.
MetaFilter: I am not a Special Snowflake.
Metafilter: you never really know what you're going to get when you click that link. People are generally nice enough to tell you if it'll be offensive. Beyond that, you're often on your own.
Metafilter: Evil Fuckery" thing now?
MetaFilter: not my first blog either.
MetaFilter: it hurts when I do it too!
MetaFilter: Random (though honest) morons, now with added zombies.
Metafilter: do you even read matt's answers, or do you just whine incessantly?
Metafilter: Terribly banal web cunt cunt thing political cunt.
MetaFilter: Good content seems like an awfully low bar to waiving the no doubles policy.
Metafilter: Community weblog".
Metafilter: I'm looking for an ironclad axiom.
Metafilter: remind us to attack life, because it's going to kill us anyway.
MetaFilter: we do genuinely like you.
metafilter: its dim copy-n-paste origins are lost to the mists of prehistory.
metafilter: its dim copy-n-paste origins are lost to the mists of prehistory."
MetaFilter: It's fine, you're fine.
MetaFilter: Stop salivating on your forehead
MetaFilter: Needs more plushies
MetaFilter: You could do it if you had a concave face.
MetaFilter: Perverse Bizarro-Love Fests
metafilter:echo chamber for retards
metafilter:echo chamber, chamber, chamber, chamber...
metafilter: bad deletion, man.
Metafilter:....) unless the tagline has already appeared in the thread. You can't just make it up!
Metafilter: You can't just make it up!
Metafilter: depressing insularity!
Metafilter: You can't just make it up!
Metafilter: too painfully obvious!
Metafilter: Shut the fuck up, IRFH!
MetaFilter: Don't you realize how rediculous you look? I mean you look REDICULOUS!! Please enlighten us as to WHY you do this?
Metafilter: sexapanding for thousands of people daily.
Metafilter: sexapanding for thousands of people daily fortnightly.
Metafilter: demanding apologies for apologies.
Metafilter: Tom Waits, zombies, and grandfather clocks.
MetaFilter: A salty sea of idiots.
MetaFilter: Tastes a little dry.
Metafilter: [Insert Tagline], The Overlords, fluffy breakfast foods. That's all well and good and probably a big part of why most of us like hanging out here. I guess "PepsiBlue!" is one our things but, please PepsiBlue!-er's, don't get Nader-esque delusions of grandeur.
Metafilter: A lot of things lose their nuance over time as new people come in and don't quite understand the history behind something and start extending it to other things
Metafilter: Vagisil.
MetaFilter: I am shilling for plush meats?
MetaFilter: The Substance of it is Always New and Changing.
MetaFilter: people are talking in some sort of code about vibrating pancakes.
Metafilter: Her tagline was impolitic and provocative
MetaFilter: Nazis.
Metafilter: the jokes have been told so often that they've lost any shred of humor that's attached to them, but, like it or not, repeating them is a mantra for acceptance into the tribe.
Metafilter: like it or not, repeating.
Metafilter: totally snarky or funny or erudite or full of in-jokes
Metafilter: powered by employee theft.
Metafilter: the coloring book. Will any of products like these appear at a Wal-mart near me soon?
Metafilter: The Breakfast Cereal. Little sugar-frosted pancake shapes and marshmallow shitting elephants. you know, for variety.
Metafilter: the record label" is pretty realistic
Metafilter: the ear/nose hair trimmer
MetaFilter: Aggregation
MetaFilter: Information (as in "We want information, Number 6")
MetaFilter: Detritus
MetaFilter: Auxilior
MetaFilter: the flamethrower.
Metafilter: once dogs learn how to read, I'm out of a job.
metafilter:they all seemed like nice folks....
MetaFilter: Your lack of APOSTROPHE is EVERYONE'S business.
Metafilter: It was funnier... ah, we all know the injoke. We all know all the injokes. Why bother, I mean really.
Metafilter: Your whole pitifully short internet life passing before your eyes.
Metafilter: Help me find out if my long-lost sister is actually related to me! Unrelated: Some girl showed up at my doorstep last night, claiming to be Josie my twin sister separated at birth. How can I check our twinness? Unrelated: My twin?
MetaFilter: Vagina, Google Juice, Astro Zombie's Asshole
MetaFilter: You just missed Pig Hour
MetaFilter: Bringing Home The Bacon.
Metafilter: Back to normal.
Metafilter: being gay actually has tax implications.
metafilter: this isn't your high school's rhetoric team
MetaFilter: Help!
MetaFilter: Help!
MetaFilter: Intelligence, sensitivity, and compassion
MetaFilter: Haven't we dont this before?
MetaFilter: This place is special!
MetaFilter: Love the sepsis!
Metafilter: It's not broken but let's fix it anyway.
Metafilter: Tim Tams and Cupcakes
MetaFilter: Mod of Apocalypse!
Metafilter: not as good as the old fashioned way
Metafilter: Make room for the intelligentsia!
MetaFilter: This is just iraq bukkake
metafilter: punishing the slut since 1999
MetaFilter: Nothin' retardo time-cube about that, no siree.
MetaFilter: No one ever responds back.
MetaFilter: You can moderate me any day.
MetaFilter: Where you're Michael Douglas and every day is Falling Down.
MetaFilter: Where you're Michael Douglas and every day is Falling Down.
Metafilter: feel free to whack off as you wish.
Metafilter: will *not* cause bloody diarrhea.
Metafilter: There's at least 1 askmetafilter thread about it and the consensus is that it really pisses people off.
Metafilter: is 1) alive, 2) feeling quite well, and 3) had leftover crab quiche for breakfast.
Metafilter: So many more ways to dislike a post.
Metafilter: not the place for "best of the Web." Wait a minute ...
MetaFilter: The World's ONLY comedy site.
MetaFilter: held in high esteem by a sizable part of the blog-reading crowd.
MetaFilter: a few of you don't seem to understand it.
MetaFilter: seems to be some confusion about this whole thing.
Metafilter: At least they're consistent", because that would be flogging a dead horse..
MetaFilter: Theodore Sturgeon was an optimist
MetaFilter: punching mathowie in the face until he cries.
Metafilter: Really Intelligent and Meaningful Answers
metafilter: rotten tomatoes, pitchforks, kindling and snarker rifles
MetaFilter: all that stands between me and madness.
Metafilter: please learn how to search. kthxbai.
Metafilter: You know who else mentioned Metafilter? Hitler.
MetaFilter: target practice for a bunch of assholes
MetaFilter: Flocks of new users who are teh dumb?
MetaFilter: I'm a great big asshole with a bit of a fondness for great big assholes.
Metafilter: the site's been down for days
Metafilter: use some snark in here
MetaFilter: kind of whatever
Metafilter: We Are Family!
Metafilter: Something Random From The Thread bit continues to persist -- now it's truly an in-joke.
Metafilter: Not the Beatles.
Metafilter: If rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, discontinue use.
Metafilter:a lot of pointless catfighting in the grey... think of the possibilities!
Metafilter: I like your title.
MetaFilter: Russian Roulette for Kids
MetaFilter: Unborking the shithole.
MetaFilter: Don't blame the quantum state.
Metafilter: We don't like your kind here.
Metafilter: a bunch of hurf durf sophmoric lol pathos assclowns
Metafilter: My feet hurt. [more inside]
Metafilter: You've probably never met a ninja either.
Metafilter: Torture and Ridicule.
Metafilter: Torture and Ridicule.
Metafilter: should I feel really bad about pointing this out?
MetaFilter:OMG Flagged.
MetaFilter: tagline, and wish for img.
MetaFilter: its utility among the teeming, late-adopter masses will rule the day.
Metafilter: "Turn your key, sir!"
MetaFilter: Bad cop, bad cop.
MetaFilter: extend the possibility of fun.
Metafilter: 200+ comments to get to the dog-fucking
Metafilter: In case of beans, overthink.
Metafilter: Don't get all Diggly on us.
Metafilter: you have to wade through pounding waves of horrible bullshit to find it.
Metafilter: Is mixing Chlorine and Ammonia dangerous?
Metafilter: I am willing to cut my right hand off to settle a debate with someone on the internet. Will this hurt?
MetaFilter: Always has been, always will be.
Metafilter: It might be a bit much to expect jjg to find a hyena and some angeldust, track you down, pb your teabag, and convince you to lock yourself up
Metafilter: It tastes like rectified vagina.
MetaFilter: 5% total loving dip poo poos
MetaFilter: I'm cool with her Promiscuity right now
Metafilter: proving that oral sex is real sex despite what you see in Wikipedia
MetaFilter: Apply directly to ass.
Metafilter: in soviet russia, troll calls out SELF!
MetaFilter: a big teddy bear in a chicken suit
MetaFilter: i have no my space page, no facebook, no metafilter.
MetaFilter: Sockpuppets at every turn!
Metafilter: To Infinity and Beyond" argument, ThePinkSuperHero. For what its worth, I respect the people who put in the time to regulate this site. But at the same time, I get my shit deleted all the time.
Metafilter: .
MetaFilter: corrected in ~90 minutes
MetaFilter: Now that Hillary is president, I find myself overcome with the apolcalyptic delusions one typically finds in paranoid, sociopathic paramilitary losers who frequent rabidly right-wing extremist websites and subscribe to Soldier Of Fortune. When Hillary and the rest of those commie pink libs come for me and my guns, what are some memorable and patriotic quotes I could yell as I'm filled with lead from the ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, and black helicopters hovering over my poorly-lit and sour-smelling Y2K bunker?"
MetaFilter: My arbitrarily complex nesting of tags is broken.
Metafilter: it's on folks' minds more than normal.
Metafilter: Smug retort to an excerpt of something you said.
Metafilter: I used to masturbate too much, but now I call out.
MetaFilter: obnoxious contrary opinion for no reason other than to feel superior by attacking another person to compensate for personal faults offline
Metafilter: Got more junk in the basement than Rocky Balboa.
MetaFilter: Didn't we jizz ourselves all the way to the sidebar?
MetaFilter: it seems almost trivial.
Metafilter: neatly maintained ISO-9002 documentation cared for by sigma six black belts.
Metafilter: A sextuple reacharound callout by yourself.
MetaFilter: It is the closest you will ever get to a real woman.
MetaFilter: Community, indeed.
MetaFilter: a really inaccurate analogy for what you're trying to say here
Metafilter: Where do I carry my Gun when I drop my cat off to get declawed on the way to my son's circumcision. please don't criticize my choices. Just answer the question.
MetaFilter: People trying to shut other people up since 2000 or somethin'....
MetaFilter: What a trolling thead-shitter I am.
Metafilter: we've been setting each other on fire since Martin Luther was a gleam in his mother's eye.
MetaFilter: If you just have some snarky and/or LOL response, maybe it might be best to just keep that to yourself
Metafilter: Over-larding a plate of has-beens.
MetaFilter: This IS the news!
MetaFilter: It's not Fark, it's MetaFilter.
Metafilter: aaahhh fuuuccckkk yoouu
Metafilter: Reversing the decentalized nature of the internet, plus we have cameras!
MetaFilter: [insert lyric here]
MetaFilter: Where can I get my cock sucked?
Metafilter: a passive aggresive overmoderation on metatalk of said post.
MetaFilter: for every success there are ten failures
metafilter: a compelling counterargument defending the merits of a measure of unchecked brusqueness in semi-anonymous discourse.
Metafilter: just south of the intellectuals.
Metafilter: I can't hear you over the smugness!
MetaFilter: I need to know about old-timey cows.
Metafilter: It's metastasizing.
MetaFilter: More manure for the mucker to muck
MetaFilter: yeah, it's a silly thing, but silly things are awesome.
Metafilter: In-joke dependant.
Metafilter: This Things of Ours
metafilter: when her hair is wet, she looks like a 4 year old boy.
MetaFilter: where all the users are rank, all the women are strong, all the men are em and all the children blink.
Metafilter: wack-a-Hoff & public blowjobs to the admins.
MetaFilter: limited to 119 shirts in M, L, and XL, $19 each (paypal)
Metafilter: Fucking? Fucking is permitted on Metafilter.
Metafilter: Chest of the web.
MetaFilter: Sentences shouldn't just drop off right in the
MetaFilter: "Oh, you fixed me spine!"
metafilter: even the anti-semitism is snarky
MetaFilter: Well, it smells more like the back end than the front.
MetaFilter: We're busy working on some Shakespeare.
Metafilter: EB notwithstanding.
MetaFilter: Then the ewoks fucking jam out.
MetaFilter: isn't about your or your fingers.
MetaFilter: maybe some prev-next-nav?
Metafilter: Peace in our time!
MetaFilter: LOL brb jk this wendell, it vibrates?
MetaFilter: LOL brb jk this wendell, it vibrates?
Metafilter: we kid because we love" kind of way. When I first registered I felt like I'd shown up at a knife fight wearing boxing gloves. I've basically got one unlaced and am hoping to get it off completely by the end of the year.
MetaFilter: Feel Good Central this is not!
metafilter: elfin-skinned puttocks and puking mountebanks
Metafilter: This is deeply ontologically upsetting.
MetaFilter: I'm God's chatty man.
Metafilter: I'm not sure what mathowie does.
MetaFilter: But, whatever, right?
MetaFilter: Just like life doesn't make a very good tagline. Please try harder next time.
MetaFilter: Please try harder next time.
Metafilter: Fucking get a job and kick a little in.
Metafilter: Airbags made of sheep's lungs.
MetaFilter: Just a walking sack of chemical-soaked meat with eyes.
MetaFilter: If you want a nice place, you've come to the wrong place.
MetaFilter: where everyone says things so incredibly mean you wonder why they don't just attach razors to their genitals and fuck each other to death.
MetaFilter: fuck each other to death
MetaFilter: Cookie's Fortune
MetaFilter: This will not end well.
MetaFilter: A Snuh?-Huh?-Oh! continuum.
Metafilter: Never post anything from anyone of less than 3 degrees of separation
MetaFilter: Like a frozen vodka enema on a hot summer's day.
Metafilter: I've been bored before, but I've never been "vodka-up-the-ass" bored.
Metafilter: I've never been "vodka-up-the-ass" bored.
Metafilter: Never a "vodka-up-the-ass" boring moment.
Metafilter: As the only source of brains in the fight, [you'll] be immediately overwhelmed by hordes of hungry zombies
Metafilter: You soulless bastards.
Metafilter: Shoot the messenger.
Metafilter: Shoot the messenger.
Metafilter: Shoot the messenger. next person who complains about viral ads.
Metafilter: Over-nerding a simple equation.
Metafilter: They want the pipe.
Metafilter: tuck a pipe between them".
MetaFilter: A good post on the dancing of wildfowl in mating season would be welcome, actually.
Metafilter: I'm afraid to enter.
MetaFilter: What exactly is a link?
Metafilter: I baked you a cookie, but I eated it.
MetaFilter: My comment included a link to a PDF of testicle size.
MetaFilter: A dicey situation because some peoples comments are being deleted, so the situation looks bizarre to people who didnt see them.
Metafilter: By taking away my voice, you are persecuting me.
MetaFilter: Squirrels, jesus, orange juice, or whatever.
MetaFilter: a bunch of atheists descend on the discussion and ruin it.
MetaFilter: where people 'go along' to 'get along'.
Metafilter: I never thought it would happen at metafilter.
MetaFilter: make sure your comments are civil and add to the discussion at hand. You can snark so long as your snark is on-topic.
Metafilter: Ockham's razor, you dickhead.
MetaFilter: The interaction between vital force and principle shed light of the later cultural reception of Devo.
MetaFilter: If random assholes want to send me fairy weiners and unicorn cakes, I'd be open to it.
Metafilter: all of the above). The public shaming ritual alone reflects badly on the community and is no doubt a barrier to entry for some people we might want to post more often, or join in the first place. Judging from these threads MeFi is a lot meaner than the rest of the site substantiates. Just saying.
Metafilter: I'm gonna punch you in the face. Jerx.
Metafilter: I still love you and am ready to perform analingus at your convenience.
MetaFilter: we're better off because my mom's truck has working AC, unlike my car.
MetaFilter: You know, it's probably not necessary
MetaFilter: cases where ambivalence and disorder take over.
Metafilter: Seems like people are just suggesting their favorite books.
Metafilter: Seems like people are just suggesting their favorite books.
Metafilter: Ha! Castling. They'll never see that coming!
Metafilter: Ha! Castling. They'll never see that coming!
Metafilter: We've got OPTIONS!
Metafilter: This is a terrible idea and a lot of people will be along shortly to explain why.
Metafilter: Let's not but tell everybody we did.
Metafilter: This game isn't any fun
Metafilter: It's not a populatrity contest.
MetaFilter: This is an example intended to show how much this sucks
Metafilter: Please don't take my gentle mockery to indicate I dislike this idea.
Metafilter: I do wish there was more seasonality
Metafilter: It could link to lots of good threads
Metafilter: picking any old random phrase and throwing it out there
Metafilter: a kind of sweet innocence)
Metafilter: no hope of ever being used or acknowledged in any way
Metafilter: And that's different because...?
Metafilter: Tagging your ass, but only in the archives.
Metafilter: The whole thing has a dysfunctional family vibe that makes me feel queasy.
MetaFilter: tiredest, most worn out, least inventive or creative.
Metafilter: thanks, but no thanks.
Metafilter: a laundry list of...
Metafilter: a laundry list of half-assed crack-me-nots
Metafilter: [blah]" etc...?
Metafilter: Community Weblog
Metafilter: No Mercy
Metafilter: No.
MetaFilter: posted by jessamyn at 6:24 AM on June 22 [+] [!]
Metafilter: Feel free.
Metafilter: Feel.
Metafilter: F ... u...
Metafilter: Spoof tagline" comments?
Metafilter: Becomes more like Fark every day.
MetaFilter: it makes AYBABTU seem fresh and edgy by comparison
Metafilter: ".
Metafilter: I have this feeling (anecdotal, granted)
Metafilter: Favorites are almost running this site now
Metafilter: non-starter of an idea
Metafilter: This game isn't any fun
Metafilter: It could link to lots of good threads
Metafilter: The magic ability to turn on img tags
Metafilter: My suggestion for a prize
Metafilter: Anytime in the next 12 months
Metafilter: This is a terrible idea
Metafilter: A lot of people will be along shortly to explain why.
Metafilter: Let's not
Metafilter: This game isn't any fun
Metafilter: Some sort of historical contest
Metafilter: Find the best tagline
Metafilter: It just winds up filling up the site with noise
Metafilter: There won't be any IMG tag prizes
Metafilter: Research through the dusty archives
Metafilter: That's so like a librarian
Metafilter: Please don't take my gentle mockery
Metafilter: I think it's awesome, I'm just afraid I'd lose
Metafilter: That made me sad
Metafilter: I forget it about 5 minutes later
Metafilter: Only kept it going for a little while
Metafilter: S/he He
Metafilter: what were we talking about again?
Metafilter: *strokes chin*
Metafilter: Mr. Wonderpants
Metafilter: Wait
Metafilter: I was wrong
Metafilter: There are some from just the other day
Metafilter: First the img tag, now this
Metafilter: Perineally depantsed
Metafilter: Maybe I was a little rash
Metafilter: a strict course of antibiotics should clear things right up
Metafilter: primitively obscene sketch in frontspiece
Metafilter: I got yer frontispiece right here
Metafilter: I was thinking the same thing
Metafilter: just a crazy pipedream
Metafilter: It's no fun
Metafilter: I agree with Jessamyn
Metafilter: throwing it out there hoping it would stick
Metafilter: Toast and an egg
Metafilter: that's different
Metafilter: no hope of their ever being used
Metafilter: a kind of sweet innocence
Metafilter: it's not different
Metafilter: makes me feel right at home
Metafilter: Becomes more like Fark every day.
Metafilter: Plop
Metafilter: Your favorite tagline sucks.
Metafilter: On second thought, all taglines suck.
Metafilter: Know what? You suck too. Go to hell.
Metafilter: when a dog shits in the kitchen and just stands there tail-wagging as if to say "Isn't this a great turd?
Metafilter: Plop
Metafilter: you can replace "sickening" with your favorite adjective.
Metafilter: Thanks for letting me be grouchy.
Metafilter: *head asplodes*
MetaFilter: Buy a fuckin' shirt already!
Metafilter: here they smack of desperation.
Metafilter: .
Metafilter: Colon.
Metafilter: Your comment is currently being previewed, hit post to commit it or continue editing below
Metafilter: Making taglines out of something that had not been said in the thread.
Metafilter: crack me nuts.
MetaFilter: It comes with a catch.
MetaFilter: something that one would have be on the "inside" to understand.
Metafilter: Good point
Metafilter: I sort of feel bad for the guy
Metafilter: Constantly obsesses
Metafilter: An unhealthy point
Metafilter: I mostly ignore him
Metafilter: Feel bad for it
Metafilter: A sad existence
Metafilter: To be ignored
Metafilter: The object of one's obsession
Metafilter: Ignore
Metafilter: Get a life
Metafilter: throw him a boner.
Metafilter: Matt Haughey's Drew Curtis'
Metafilter: Taglines have now lost all humor and meaning after reading this entire thread.
MetaFilter: A bunch of cranky, easily-distracted, and obsessively pedantic nincompoops . . .
Metafilter: Isn't this a great turd?
Metafilter: Thanks, jerkfaces
Metafilter: We take HTML lessons from Microsoft Word.
Metafilter: [in jokes r bad]
Metafilter: taking that viking a little too figuratively.
Metafilter: The only winning move is not to play.
Metafilter: The only winning move is not to play. : A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome
Metafilter: Get down on your knees and apply your tongue
Metafilter: Get down on your knees and apply your tongue might just make me into a convert.
MetaFilter: I hate the tagline thing about 98% of the time.
Metafilter: but Metafilter!
Metafilter: Might just make me into a convert.
Metafilter: The End
Metafilter: by Robert Creeley
Metafilter: When I know what people think of me
Metafilter: I am plunged into my loneliness. The grey
Metafilter: hat bought earlier sickens.
Metafilter: I have no purpose no longer distinguishable.
Metafilter: A feeling like being choked
Metafilter: enters my throat.
Metafilter: I think there's one too many negatives there.
Metafilter: Could we have a summary for those of us who don't have the ability, at the moment, to view youtube?
Metafilter: Light information professionals who are seeking contextual insights and actionable answers.
Metafilter: taken over by loons
Metafilter: get your superiority on
MetaFilter: Who are you? What do you want?
Metafilter: How hard do I have to wish to get my wish to come true?
Metafilter: They're not professionals unless I say so.
Metafilter: proclaim how unfathomably huge your dick is.
Metafilter: People have to be all self-congratulatory by pointing it out
Metafilter: STFU with your bitching all of you
Metafilter: Cussing out a lot of posters for rank stupidity
Metafilter: In the habit of calling out questions that annoy us
Metafilter: I don't know what that is
Metafilter: A self-loathing, anime-obsessed, dog-faced nutcase like yourself
Metafilter: Appropriate material to masturbate to
Metafilter: Oh god no. Please don't.
Metafilter: Cortex and Jessamyn, I don't blame you for what's happened here
metafilter: it's ALL matt's fault
Metafilter: This mythical contest
Metafilter: Now, please
Metafilter: You can give it a rest now.
MetaFilter: Staying at the top of my "Recent Activity" page till the heat death of the universe
Metafilter: astes everyone's time.
Metafilter: astes everyone's time.
MetaFilter: It's called "owning it."
Metafilter: Last post!
Metafilter: an unanswerable bucket of sleeping vikings.
Metafilter: if you're going to call someone a shitnozzle this is the best place do it
Metafilter: We don't just kill you for complaining, we kill your entire family, and then hunt down their friends and pee on them.
Metafilter: I don't want to break the law, I'm just curious where I could go if I did
MetaFilter: More sunshine than you think
Metafilter: Fuck C.S. Lewis and fuck you.
Metafilter: carry on, jackass.
MetaFilter: My mistake for saying anything.
Metafilter: There's a bounty of catch-phrases here.
Metafilter: In some dysfunctional relationships, winning is more important than . . . well, anything.
Metafilter: It's a gorgeous day outside and I have the afternoon off, so I'm letting go of the whole thing.
Metafilter: What The Deej said.
MetaFilter: it's like listening to rats fuck in the walls.
MetaFilter: I'm sorry
Metafilter: this whole dick-measuring thing is pretty stupid.
MetaFilter: a petty ideological circle jerk
Metafilter: freakin' cellos and tubas and shit.
Metafilter: The Golden Years, et al).
Metafilter: some secret little love list
Metafilter: awesome sauce in an economy-size can.
MetaFilter: What did this spawn but a bunch or whirling nerd-cogs?
MetaFilter: badly written, but I wish that people had paid more attention to it
Metafilter: I need to spend more time on MySpace.
MetaFilter: ...because, really, go fuck yourselves!
Metafilter: speaking of kiddy porn...
Metafilter: It's called an ad hominem attack, pinhead.
Metafilter: This is not something that most people with healthy egos brag about on the internets.
MetaFilter: I suspect that my 14-year-old son is touching himself at night, possibly spilling his seed in the process. This is a definite problem as clearly indicated by the Bible, but I don't know how to prevent him from doing so as to save him from committing further grievious sin. What measures can I take to detect when said seed has been spilled? Also, what are some appropriate punishments for this behavior?
Metafilter: You rock in a special, special way I can't even pronounce.
MetaFilter: Shower every response with fluffy kisses
metafilter: a caricature of a hundred others, only without the iq to match.
MetaFilter: in someone's eyes we are total assholes who suck.
MetaFilter: Sometimes you may see things that seem strange and not right. When you do TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND TELL YOUR PARENTS OR ANOTHER ADULT!
Metafilter: Overthinking a bucket of cocks.
Metafilter: Due to her previously undiagnosed brain tumor, Anonymous falls into a coma before she can break off the affair. Will Bill ever know her true intentions? Will Jack stay by her side? Or in a bizarre twist of faith, will Jack and Bill fall in love with each other, only to be torn apart when each finds out their relationship with Anonymous?
Metafilter: I really want to have fuck him
MetaFilter: fuck him
Metafilter: Whatever, it's your call.
MetaFilter: kow-towing to nutty right-wingers
Metafilter: Desperately sad on so many levels.
Metafilter: drunk, sweaty and mostly in the dark.
Metafilter: Caution, use at your own risk... May cause headaches, death, loss of consciousness, abnormal growths, reckless behaviour, malaria, electrocution, spontaneous human combustion, pregnancy, divorce, rectal bleeding, overuse of in-group phrases, snowflake self-identification anxiety, broken bones, irresponsible parenthood, all manner of sexually transmitted disease, termination of pregnancy, impotency, rage, insomnia, feelings of grandiosity......
Metafilter: Destroying your desire for privacy, one outing at a time.
Metafilter: Destroying your desire for privacy, one outing at a time.
MetaFilter: Don't Do It.
MetaFilter: good, bad, and ugly self-linking posts that will get you banned.
MetaFilter: good, bad, and ugly self-linking posts that will get you banned.
Metafilter: sexy, sexy Google didn't help.
Metafilter: Fuck you, no!
Metafilter: Better than coked-out ditch-pigs.
Metafilter: Is it a joke? Are you supposed to be doing that? Who knows!
MetaFilter: This is a completely serious idea.
MetaFilter: Your idea is bad, and you should feel bad.
MetaFilter: A bastardization that makes no sense
MetaFilter: oppositional thumbsucking
Metafilter: I have a taste for really ugly plaid pants combined with floral print rayon shirts with flyaway collars. Can someone suggest a way to safely put my eyes out so I can conquer this problem?
Metafilter: not every post is directed solely towards college-aged hipsters. There's something for everyone.
MetaFilter: what the fuck is this site doing to my browser?
Metafilter: people can be nice on the internet.
MetaFilter: that it can function as a community of minds and ideas (and snark) or as a real-life network of people connected by ideas, which is even more amazing, to me.
Metafilter: Overthinking a plate of cockwaffles.
Metafilter: Overthinking a plate of cockwaffles.
Metafilter: LOL TAUTOLOGY!
Metafilter: Ernest Ruckus.
MetaFilter: 90%, extends well into water
Metafilter: the dumbest meme
Metafilter: 44 posts, 3 drafts, 1023 comments.
Metafilter: I originally wanted to be an anarchist messiah but wound up being a "poor man's quonsar." And I'm still here! You can be just like me if you try hard enough!
MetaFilter: I read, I masturbated, I wrote lots of letters and got fat.
MetaFilter: rife with intolerance of religious disinformation under the guise of intelligent conversation
Metafilter: Pants!
Metafilter: Reclaim the White!
MetaFilter: it looked like a five year old took over your keyboard for a few minutes there.
Metafilter: That thread is terrible and beautiful.
metafilter: Its making me laugh, but I'm not sure if it's a satire or not.
metafilter: I don't mean to be a retard.
Metafilter: "it doesn't matter so much what you do as long as you get the claws right."
Metafilter: Just an example of people being silly and repetitive when they think that they're being clever.
Metafilter: Just an example of people being silly and repetitive when they think that they're being clever.
Metafilter: Were not hurting for Bushco.
MetaFilter: Trying to be clever in comments isn't a winning strategy.
Metafilter: three holes
Metafilter: Use it wisely, soldier!
MetaFilter: Psychics please flag in advance.
MetaFilter: It may be batshitinsanity, but at least it's practical batshitinsanity.
Metafilter: hard and fast.
MetaFilter: Sticking our wangs in a warm plate of beans.
MetaFilter: Chill the Fuck Out - A Retrospective.
metafilter: deer nibbling rose blossoms under my bedroom window at dawn.
MetaFilter: became subsumed by "look-at-me-I'm-cool" go-along acting out.
MetaFilter: Look At Me, I'm Cool.
Metafilter: ain't no foolin' around
Metafilter: ain't no foolin' around
metafilter: an obviously retarded man of about 40 nibbling rose blossoms under my bedroom window at dawn.
Metafilter: I eat god kebabs at snacktime and shit win.
Metafilter: Who the fuck do you think you are to presume to speak for Metafilter?
Metafilter: MTFLTR
Metafilter: MTFLTR: MeatFilter: Kevin Bacon
Metafilter: MTFLTR: MeatFilter: Kevin Bacon: KVN BCN: K5N B100N: 1000.5N B100N: 1000.101N B100N: 1000.TheoryOfPhilosophy N.B. 100N: PhilosophyAndPsychology0.TheoryOfPhilosophy N.B. PhilosophyAndPsychologyN: TheoPhil0.PhiloPsych N.B. PhiloPsychN: ThPhl0.PhlPsch N.B. PhlPschN: TPL0.PlPs N.B. PlPsN: TripleZERO Pips NOTA BENE PipsNOTA: 000 ... N.B. ...N: 000...NBDY...N: 000...[]...N
MetaFilter: if you see a comment or post from someone you haven't heard of, you can click on their username and get a quick summary (are they an active, long-time user or a relative newcomer?), or you can skim through their whole MetaFilter posting history and get a real sense of who they are.
Metafilter: I don't get the thing where we do this.
Metafilter: You motherfuckers pass judgment like it pays cash money
Metafilter: y'all must just get so angry....
Metafilter: Sick as a Dog on a ship to Crete
Metafilter: speedy as shit
Metafilter: a boot stomping on a human face -- forever.
MetaFilter: entirely without nasty/dumb comments.
Metafilter: get your job that makes a good color printer failrly cheap these days.
Metafilter: The problem is people with sincere, passionate views about atheism, which they will proceed to defend for 500 comments.
MetaFilter: Another day of potential complete ignorance shot to hell
Metafilter: Get greeted with Suicide Girls dropping their panties.
Metafilter: After doing this for awhile, I can't tell if people are making sense when they speak to me.
Metafilter: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Metafilter: (Not) Going Anywhere
Metafilter: I am wasting that money as well as my time
MetaFilter: a better cathartic than most over-the-counter remedies.
Metafilter: I wasn't ready for that! It was just ass right away!">ass kissing?
Metafilter: epilepsy inducing.
MetaFilter: It’s a kind of hell.
MetaFilter: My, how the turds have fallen.
metafilter: If this was a Final Fantasy game your character's ass would be dead?
MetaFilter: like "eh" so far.
Metafilter: Like most places (Fark, Slashdot, etc).
Metafilter: fictional characters played by the openly gay actor Ian Mckellen.
Metafilter: I'll see if I can get a dump
Metafilter: shit, I like to forgot about that
Metafilter: You say hard work. I say hand work.
Metafilter: Jesus Christ, NO, I already tried to kill you !
Metafilter: it's a query, man. I can just run it again.
Metafilter: I'll see if I can take a dump.
Metafilter: Wow, taglines sure are lame and unentertaining when taken out of the context of the original conversations, aren't they?
Metafilter: You said "bump that up the stack."
Metafilter: I've already made all your hand work obsolete.
Metafilter: I was thinking it would be good
Metafilter: Wow, taglines sure are lame and unentertaining when taken out of the context of the original conversations, aren't they?
Metafilter: other random joke)) doesn't get caught in a recursive loop.
Metafilter: [cable news style headline]
Metafilter: This party doesn't need you.
Metafilter: Go poop in a hat and head out on the next train.